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Read Faster, Remember More. Simple Techniques To Double Your Reading Speed.

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Speed Reading And Memory Skills Course

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 Course Summary

Discover how to read faster, remember more and tackle information overload, all in just 1 day. In this fun and interactive small group workshop, you'll learn simple and effective techniques for improving your memory, doubling your reading speed and achieving more each day. Delivered by Australian Memory Record Breaker Chris Lyons.

1 Day Small Group Speed Reading And Memory Skills Course

Each course is limited to just 10 people or less, so don't miss out.

BRISBANE - Tuesday 23 August 2022
ZOOM - Friday 9 September 2022
SYDNEY - Tuesday 20 September 2022
MELBOURNE - Tuesday 11 October 2022
BRISBANE - Tuesday 18 October 2022
SYDNEY - Thursday 3 November 2022

*Special* Book By 31 August And Save $100

 Purpose Of Course

  • To give you a rapid introduction to the most effective Speed Reading and Memory Techniques
  • To show you how to combine these techniques to improve your memory, double your reading speed and tackle information overload
  • To provide you with a simple framework to help you apply and practise your new Speed Reading and Memory Skills after the course

 What You'll Learn

  • Speed Reading - how well do you currently read and what's possible?
  • Why most people read below their potential and with poor comprehension
  • 4 key techniques to increase your reading speed, comprehension and recall
  • How to quickly double your reading speed through effective practice
  • How to remember more of what you read using the BDA approach
  • How and when to make notes to maximise comprehension, retention and recall
  • Plus how to use effective note-taking to prepare reports in a fraction of the time
  • Reading strategies for different materials and purposes
  • Common reading traps and how to avoid them
  • Memory Skills - beliefs, myths and your true potential
  • The real reason we forget things and why this is good news
  • The simple 3 step approach to remembering people's names
  • Plus how to use the 80:20 rule to get good at remembering names, quickly
  • How to give great presentations without referring to notes even once
  • How to use the GO method to slash the time needed to prepare presentations
  • How to remember numbers, facts and other key business information
  • How to get information into your long-term memory for instant recall
  • Tips and techniques used by memory champions to perform record-breaking feats

"Was amazed at the end of the day how much I was able to recall. Also now reading twice as fast as before the course and remembering more information."
Kurt Butterworth, Paramedic, Queensland Ambulance Service

"Hugely impressed with the increase in my ability to recall and read at a faster pace in just a few hours. Many thanks."
Mark Micic, Commercial Law, HSY Autoparts

"A high energy workshop that enables you to understand simply how to read faster, remember more and present easily. Ideal for students, business people, management, in fact just about anyone!"
John Paranchi, Sales, McGrath Real Estate

"Very helpful. Doubled my reading speed with higher comprehension."
Michael Kelly, Manager, Matrix Group

"A fast moving and well structured program to assist in absorbing and retaining more information which is what we all need help with in this complex world."
Jamie O'Rourke, National Chairman, RSM Australia

"I have done a heap of courses over the last 25 years. This one will have the most sustainable and practical application to my professional life."
Todd Jorgensen, Owner/CEO, Associated Grain

"I just have to let you know that I applied my memory and speed reading learnings to my study. I sat the exam last week and got 94% - and I can definitely say that the tips and tricks I learned in the Hidden Advantage Workshop helped contribute to my result. So thank you."
Sue Davidson, Customer Experience Black Belt, Optus

"Loved it. Came for speed reading and got that and so much more. Going to be great to apply the many things I learnt to many facets of my life. Thank you!"
Liesl Tesch, Paralympic Gold Medallist, Sport Matters

"I found the workshop really beneficial taking away real techniques that I can use every day. In addition it wasn't too much but highly targeted - very worthwhile and really well presented."
Patrick Farrell, Chief Investment Officer, BT

"Best training I've been on in four years of public service. Presenter excellent. I have never done a training course as engaging and useful as this with techniques I will actually use in my job. Very entertaining."
Lisa Kilpatrick, Accountant, Department Of Education

"The memory sessions were brilliant and I have since used one of the techniques to present a one hour training session without notes - a feat I would never have thought possible before this workshop."
Glen Frost, Partner, PWC

"Good practical techniques to realistically increase speed of reading and memory. Excellent workshop."
Mario Sindone, Special Counsel, Gadens Lawyers

"It's hard to believe that one single workshop could enhance my memory and study skills by so much."
Darryn, Commerce Student, ANU Canberra

"My only regret is that I did not do this course earlier."
Neville Marinko, Retired GP, Sydney

"Exceptionally helpful. These skills can be used by a high school student to a CEO which is where their strength lies and why I recommend people should do this course. If you are unsure whether to do this, take my word it will be of huge benefit."
James Carroll, HR And Training Officer, City Of Yarra

"Fantastic way to improve your remembering names ability and speed reading in an easy practical 1 day course - just do it."
Chris Gray, CEO, Your Empire

 Course Format

  • Exclusive Small Group 1 Day Workshop starts at 9am finishes at 5pm
  • Limited to just 10 people or less to maximise personal attention and learning
  • Fun, fast-paced delivery, broken up into short sessions with frequent breaks
  • Take part in person at one of our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane courses
  • Or join us at one of our live online courses via Zoom from anywhere in Australia

Our in person courses are being run in a COVID-safe manner with each course limited to just 10 people or less. Prior to your booked course, we will email you some simple steps and advice to follow on the day so that we all keep safe and well. To learn more about these in the meantime Click Here. We will also continue to run the course regularly live online so that you can take part from anywhere in Australia. For online courses we use Zoom which runs in any web browser and on any device. To learn more about Zoom sessions Click Here.

 Course Presenter

This Speed Reading/Memory Improvement Course is designed and delivered in person by founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, who doubled the Australian Memory Record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. Chris also won the Australian Memory Championships Names Event by correctly memorising 46 people's names in just 5 minutes.

Chris has appeared on The Today Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, ABC TV and demonstrated how effective Memory Improvement, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques can be on radio stations all around Australia. An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris also has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large Australian and UK companies before starting to design and deliver Gloo Training Programs in 2003.

"Incredible techniques to help me remember the vital things I used to struggle with. It's a must for any professional who needs to learn, recall and/or present large amounts of information. Plus my reading speed is lightning fast now."
Tomasz Forfa, Doctor, Pass GAMSAT

"Extremely useful for people who have to read large reports daily."
Dylan Jones, Senior Complaints Officer, Crime And Misconduct Commission

"Chris Lyons is truly the yoda of memory and speed reading. If you're looking for immediate results in an engaging and fun environment, you will find everything and more in this one day course."
Angela, Analyst, Melbourne

"Great simple tools that make life easier and give an unfair advantage."
Shad Hassen, Partner, McGrath Real Estate

"Extremely useful, particularly for remembering names."
Allegra Spender, CEO, Carla Zampatti

"Everyone of all ages should do this course. Especially the speed reading and memory information. An excellent day, Chris is fantastic."
Kate Freeman, Sales Professional, Financial Services

"Fantastic course. Amazingly simple concepts that will change my life both in recreation and medical practice. Many thanks!"
Milo MacBain, Doctor, Melbourne

"Really great techniques for more accurately and quickly remembering and recalling information. These skills will come in handy on a daily basis."
Kevin Degutis, Marketing Manager, AMEX Group

"Excellent. Simple time-saving techniques in an era of diminishing time. Should be part of standard education."
Rory Howard, Doctor, Atherton Hospital

"Great course with a heap of practical content. I've already improved my reading speed and the memory techniques helped instantly. Recommend this course to everyone."
James Kerrison, Manager, Citywide Fitness, Hobart

"Excellent workshop. Chris is very engaging and took us on a journey to develop techniques to improve memory, reading and presentation skills. Wish I had learned this at school!"
Brendan Oldham, CIO, Audit NSW

"The Hidden Advantage Workshop gives you great techniques that you can utilise in business, study and everyday life. Valuable memory and speed reading skills that will benefit anyone. Great course and delivered with passion."
Janelle Johnston, Director, Life Coaching Institute

"What I learnt in one day will compound my learning at a speed I never thought possible. I have no hesitation in recommending this to friends and colleagues."
Michael Smith, Sales Representative, Wine Industry

"Simple and efficient techniques which were very powerful and effective. I wish I had done this course 10 years ago!"
Janardan Andrews, Law Student, Victoria University

"Really enjoyed the day, new practical tools. I can see myself using everything we discussed on a day to day basis. Congratulations on a very engaging session!"
Duncan Pittard, General Manager VIC/TAS, Institute Of Chartered Accountants

Bonus Material

After the course you'll also receive free access to the Hidden Advantage 21 Day Online Follow-up Program which provides you with a simple, easy to follow way to practise and apply what you learn during the workshop. Plus it also contains other valuable tips, ideas and techniques.

"These tools should be the foundation of our education. A fun filled day which will genuinely save time and assist me in finding that elusive work-life balance."
Kate Melrose, Global Manager Strategic Marketing, Lend Lease

"This will dramatically improve my effectiveness and efficiency. Wish I had known this 20 years ago."
Ben Salisbury, Director, Rok Financial

"Excellent course to promote reading skills and memory."
Brian Robson, Mayor, City Of Canterbury

"Very good presenting. Chris practises what he preaches. Best course I have attended in a long time."
Sonja, Owner, Tina Cowley Reading

"Outstanding! Worth every penny! Highly recommended no matter what stage in life."
Alex Negron, Project Manager, Sydney

"It's amazing how much faster you read after a few exercises. You can almost immediately tell the difference. I'm not someone who can normally remember lots of things but with the activities and techniques I now can."
Ime, University Student, Auckland

"Went very quickly, enjoyable and funny. Very useful, easy to learn techniques. Noticed a difference in my reading speed immediately."
Courtney, Solicitor, Gadens Lawyers

"Very clever course structure and engaging delivery. Best course I've been to."
Kitty Gordon, Victorian Auditor-General's Office

"Finally I have mastered how to remember people's names."
Paul Krug, Mature Student, Brisbane

"The first workshop I've attended that's held my attention all day. Immediate results! I can remember people's names! Excellent course, I highly recommend it."
Pat McManus, Business Development Manager, Airmaster Australia

"Very useful skills. Great for my children too."
Dale, Partner, Capital Chemists

"Today's course was absolutely fantastic! Packed full of very practical tools to improve your reading and memory. I want Chris to come and train my staff now!"
Ali Akbarian, GM, Mobility Engineering

"I have been to many seminars that were much more costly and did not provide half the quality information provided. Recommended!"
Isaac Prakash, Consultant, UPSS

"Very useful practical techniques for an essential life skill for any successful executive."
Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director, Taylors Wines

"Who knew my brain could bend in so many willing ways? Chris not only managed to teach us a lot but kept my attention for a full 8 hours - quite a feat in itself!"
Sue White, Freelance Journalist, Sydney

 How Much?

  • 1 Day Live Small Group Workshop with Australian Record Breaker Chris Lyons plus access to the 21 Day Online Follow-up Program = $495 including GST
  • Special = $395 including GST, a saving of $100. Applies to all workshops booked and paid for by 31 August 2022

Any Discounts?

  • 10% Group Discount Book two or more places at the same course at the same time and receive an additional 10% discount off the total cost
  • $100 Student/Senior Discount If you are a high school, university or mature student, or you are a senior aged over 60, then to assist you with the cost of the workshop you receive a $100 reduction off the above prices. To obtain the Student/Senior Discount simply complete and return the Student/Senior Discount Booking Form

"Looking forward to using the speed reading. It's going to make study time a whole lot shorter!"
David Lowth, Financial Controller, Plantation Homes

"Excellent. Structure and content were great and good pace. Very useful tips I will use to improve my memory and reading."
Malini Shanthikumar, CFO, Sotheby's

"Amazing course and incredibly presented! Learnt everything I was expecting and much more. Very relevant to studies at Uni. Thank you!"
Daniel, 1st Year Student, UTS

"Very helpful for remembering names and the journey technique will come in handy for future presentations. I will also teach the techniques to my kids to help with their high school studies."
Greg Love, General Manager, Control Equipment Pty Ltd

"Well presented. Simple, easily applied techniques. Remembering and intelligence are made easy by Chris."
Anthony Crandell, Commander, NSW Police Force

"It was a real eye-opener to realise how quickly I could manage to read faster. Furthermore, the memory techniques are highly applicable to my university studies."
Min Young Park, Student, University Of Sydney

"Mind-blowing. Finally a workshop that gives you food for thought. Light-bulb moment!"
Pauline Lawrence, Social Worker, Queensland Health

"Great day. Enjoyable and fun. The memory systems are really useful. Very good pace, no time wasted."
John Shanahan, CEO, Colmar Brunton

"This was really what I needed for my studies. Really fun and inspiring. Thank you so much, this gave me some great tools that I can apply to many aspects of my life."
Katya le Roux, Student, Massey University NZ

"Taught me some very useful techniques that will be useful both for GAMSAT and my degree."
Adrienne Murray, Medicine Student, Queensland University Of Technology

"Great presentation! Very helpful. Remembering names is a major challenge for me so really helpful."
Athol Opas, Solicitor, Meyer Vandenberg Lawyers Canberra

"I loved it! I'm no longer dreading when the time comes to catch up on my text book readings for class, the speed reading techniques were extra helpful!"
Tess, Student, QUT Brisbane

"One of the best training courses I've done."
Michael Musson, Director, Australian Bureau Of Statistics

"I did the course earlier this year in order to get a promotion at work. With 2 kids under 2 and renovating our apartment I needed an efficient way to study. They were taking 24 out of 70. Got in the top 24! Thanks mate."
Chris Dascolias, Fire And Rescue NSW

 Attendee Feedback

Chris has now been running Memory Skills and Speed Reading Courses for 19 years and has never had a single customer complaint or refund request. Not one. Because Gloo training is fun, fast and effective. Here is just a small selection of comments from people who have taken part in this Speed Reading/Memory Skills Course.

"Very engaging and energetic presentation! The memory and speed reading techniques were practical and very useful."
Greg Thompson, Director, Deloitte Australia

"Packed full of useful techniques, tools and strategies to boost memory, reading speed and presentations for work and business use. Very enjoyable and engaging."
Geoff Lang, Risk Change Co-ordinator, Department Of Health

"This course is a must for anyone who wants to develop skills which improve memory and enhance performance in the workplace, school and in your personal life. Very enjoyable, very worthwhile."
Adam Smith, Naval Officer, Royal Australian Navy

"Chris is an excellent presenter who is able to deliver lots of information in an easy to understand, fun and interesting way. I am in the professional training industry and Chris is right up there with the best!"
Julie Blackburn, General Manager, Beyond Success

"I found the workshop extremely valuable. Chris made what seemed like an insurmountable learning curve in memory and speed reading incredibly logical, possible and even simple - all in the space of 1 day!"
Kerry-Ann Benton, Business Development Manager, National Australia Bank

"Just wanted to say thank you for a great session yesterday - It is such a pleasure to attend a training program facilitated by a true professional, with energy and expertise!"
Michael Riley, Specialised Counselling Services NSW

"Simple concise tools that can be used in the practical world. Delivered in a high-energy participative environment with 100% interaction. Recommend to all levels and walks of life."
Daleney Sounthakith, Quality Assurance Manager, BMW Finance

"Today was a fantastic practical expose of the approaches to improving memory and reading. The pace of the day was perfect. I feel inspired to practise and apply what we covered. Had some great laughs too!"
Michele De Gabriele, Senior Manager, UBS

"Best workshop ever. Highly recommended. Fun, organised and very good presenter."
Fernando Fineza, Nurses Union NSW

"Excellent course! Well presented, captured my attention 100%. Facilitator - presentation, interaction, could not be faulted."
Jennifer Taalman, Project Officer, Department Of Planning And Community Development, Victoria

"Very engaging, practical and slick. Great session, dazzling!"
Sheryl, Principal, Melbourne School

"I realised how little I knew. Leaving excited with expanding my memory and reading skills. Will also help me educate my children. Highly recommended."
Travis Brown, Director, Hocking Stuart

"Intellectually stimulating and entertaining. Very rare to find a workshop that provides the two. Would recommend this workshop to anyone who genuinely wants to succeed."
Zana, Law Student, Melbourne University

"8 hours don't usually go this quickly especially when on a course! It was excellent, fun, great dynamic presenter."
Dorcas Heap, G.P., Atherton

Read more Customer Feedback on our unique blend of training.

Staying COVID-Safe

All our in person courses are being run in a COVID-safe manner to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Furthermore, we are keeping our group sizes small at present with each public course limited to just 10 people or less. Prior to your booked course, we will email you some simple steps and advice to follow on the day including social distancing and good personal hygiene practices so that we all keep COVID-safe. To learn more about these in the meantime please Click Here.

 Where And When?

Information updated daily and correct as at 2022. Our next Speed Reading/Memory Skills Public Courses are planned for:

August 2022

BRISBANE - 9am to 5pm on Tuesday 23 August 2022
At Airport International Motel, 528 Kingsford-Smith Drive, Hamilton Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 People, Places Available

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September 2022

ZOOM - 9am to 5pm (Sydney time) on Friday 9 September 2022
Delivered live online via Zoom
- Bookings Open, Maximum 6 People, Places Available

SYDNEY - 9am to 5pm on Tuesday 20 September 2022
Hannaford Community Centre, 608 Darling Street, Rozelle Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 People, Places Available

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October 2022

MELBOURNE - 9am to 5pm on Tuesday 11 October 2022
At Quality Hotel Melbourne Airport, 265 Mickleham Rd, Tullamarine Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 People, Places Available

BRISBANE - 9am to 5pm on Tuesday 18 October 2022
At Airport International Motel, 528 Kingsford-Smith Drive, Hamilton Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 People, Places Available

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November 2022

SYDNEY - 9am to 5pm on Thursday 3 November 2022
Hannaford Community Centre, 608 Darling Street, Rozelle Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 People, Places Available

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Dates Not Convenient?

If you can't make the above dates, some other options:

1) Work for an organisation? Run this as an In-House Training Course for your team at your offices or online via Zoom.

2) The Hidden Advantage 1 To 1 Private Program. We also offer a private, one to one version of this training in Sydney and online covering the exact same content and techniques as in the public course. Available all year round, you can take the program at the time which works best for you. The Hidden Advantage 1 To 1 Program can be completed all in one day or over multiple sessions if you prefer. Find out more about The Hidden Advantage 1 to 1 Private Program.

Questions about the course? Call us on 02 7229 4920 or if you prefer you can Contact Us via email.

Who Uses Gloo Techniques?

Gloo In-House Training Sessions, Public Workshops and 1 To 1 Programs have been attended by people from many organisations, including the following:


American Express
Bank Of Queensland
Bendigo And Adelaide Bank
BMW Financial Services
Choice Home Loans
Commonwealth Bank
Deutsche Bank
Grant Thornton
Hills Rogers
JP Morgan
Macquarie Bank
Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
National Australia Bank
Rodgers Reidy
Shannons Insurance
State Trustees
St. George Private Bank


Blake Dawson Waldron
CPA Australia
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
FB Rice
Gadens Lawyers
GMK Partners
Grant Thornton
Henry Davis York
HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
Institute Of Chartered Accountants
Kelly Partners
KJB Law Canberra
Lawler Partners
Mallesons Stephen Jacques
Pitcher Partners
PKF Chartered Accounting
Thomson Geer


Accor Hotels
Australia Post
Boost Juice Bars
City West Water
Clubs Queensland
David Jones
Johnson & Johnson
North Melbourne Football Club
Origin Energy
Princess Cruises
Victorian Amateur Football Association
Yarra Trams


Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure
Belle Property
Brookfield Multiplex
Caine Real Estate
First National
Hansen Yuncken
Hocking Stuart
Jones Lang Lasalle
JP Dixon
Look Property Group
Love Real Estate
Matrix Group
McGrath Real Estate
Nelson Alexander Real Estate
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Ray White Group
Your Empire


ABC Radio
Alfred Health
Aspen Medical
Fitness First
Girl Guides Australia
Mayne Health
Medecins Sans Frontieres
Melbourne City Mission
NSW Ambulance
NSW Health
NSW Nurses And Midwives' Association
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney
Queensland Children's Hospital
Queensland Health
Rapid Personal Training
Royal Australasian College Of Physicians
Royal District Nursing Service
Samaritan Foundation
St. Vincent De Paul Society NSW
Ted Noffs Foundation
Vision Personal Training
WorkCover NSW/QLD

Federal Government

Airservices Australia
Attorney-General's Department
Australia Council For The Arts
Australian Bureau Of Statistics
Australian Defence Force
Australian Federal Police
Australian Research Council
Australian Taxation Office
Commonwealth Ombudsman
Commonwealth Treasury
Defence Material Organisation
Department Of Agriculture
Department Of Communications And The Arts
Department Of Defence
Department Of Education
Department Of Environment
Department Of Foreign Affairs And Trade
Department Of Health
Department Of Infrastructure
Department Of Human Services
Department Of Prime Minister And Cabinet
National Museum Of Australia
Royal Australian Air Force
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Military College Duntroon
The Productivity Commission

Local Government

Audit Office of New South Wales
City Of Sydney
Coffs Harbour City Council
Crime And Misconduct Commission QLD
Department Of Community Safety QLD
Department Of Economic Development VIC
Department Of Education NSW
Department Of Education VIC
Department Of Environment ACT
Department Of Human Services VIC
Department Of Justice QLD
Department Of Planning VIC
Department Of Premier And Cabinet QLD
Department Of Sustainability VIC
Fire and Rescue NSW
Lake Macquarie City Council
Mackay Regional Council
NSW Environment Protection Authority
NSW Police Force
NSW Public Service Commission
Parliament Of Queensland
Parliament Of Victoria
Penrith City Council
Port Authority Of NSW
Queensland Ambulance Service
Roads and Maritime Services NSW
State Revenue Office Victoria
Victorian Auditor-General's Office
Victoria Police


Australian Catholic University
Australian Graduate School Of Management
Australian National University
Bond University
Catholic Education Office
Corporate Training And Life Coaching Institute
Entrepreneurs Organisation
Fusion Workforce
Geelong Grammar School
Lavalla Catholic College Traralgon
Macquarie University
Melbourne Business School
McMillan Staff Development
Monash University
Moorebank High School Sydney
Northern Beaches Christian School Sydney
Ontrack Employment
Peter Carnley Anglican Community School Perth
Pymble Ladies' College Sydney
QTAC Brisbane
Queensland University Of Technology
Rogen International
Rosebank College Sydney
Saudi Student Association Brisbane
Sydney Medical School
Sydney University
University Of Canberra
University Of Melbourne
University Of Newcastle
University Of New South Wales
University Of Queensland
University Of Southern Queensland
University Of Sydney
University Of Technology Sydney
Victoria University
Western Sydney University
Williamstown High School Melbourne
Yarra Hills Secondary College
Young Presidents Organisation
Young Professionals Network Tasmania

Business Services/Industrial

Alstom Australia
APA Group
Australian Vinyls
BAE Systems
Cisco Systems
Citadel Group
Colmar Brunton
Corporate Risk Ratings
General Electric
KW Doggett
Pharmacy Guild Of Australia
PM Partners Group
Rio Tinto
Snowy Hydro
SP Ausnet
Sylvan Australia
Vemco Services
Worley Parsons

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This workshop is also available as an In-House Staff Training Course conveniently delivered online directly to your team at a time of your choosing.

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