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Memory, Speed Reading And Study Skill Courses. Fun, Fast And Effective Training With Australian Record Breaker Chris Lyons.

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Gloo Training Courses combine highly effective Memory, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques and are designed and delivered by Chris Lyons who doubled the Australian Memory Record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. Chris also won the Australian Memory Championships Names competition by correctly memorising 46 people's names in just 5 minutes.

An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris also has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large UK and Australian companies, before starting to design and deliver Memory, Speed Reading and Study Skills Training Programs in 2003.

Chris has appeared on The Today Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, ABC TV and demonstrated how effective Memory Improvement, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques can be on radio stations all around Australia including 2UE, 2GB, 3AW and the ABC.

But more importantly, his main focus is on delivering unique, fun and highly effective Small Group Workshops, Private 1 To 1 Programs and In-House Staff Training Courses that show how you too can read faster, remember more, study effectively and be more successful, whatever your age or situation.

"Chris is an excellent presenter who is able to deliver lots of information in an easy to understand, fun and interesting way. I am in the professional training industry and Chris is right up there with the best!"
Julie Blackburn, General Manager, Beyond Success

"Presented in a very simple but incredibly effective way. Brilliant presenter. 10/10 for the content and the way it was delivered."
Ray Itaoui, CEO, Virgin

"Excellent course! Well presented, captured my attention 100%. Facilitator - presentation, interaction, could not be faulted."
Jennifer Taalman, Project Officer, Department Of Planning And Community Development, Victoria

"This information is mind-blowing! It is set to put me ahead of the bunch in business, sales, presentations and of course communications. Chris was brilliant."
Kris Cochrane, Business Owner, Rapid Personal Training

"Good pacing, great passion for the content. Very helpful and memorable activities, tips and handouts. Great facilitation plus energy."
Will Blott, Chief People Officer, DNW Group

"Awesomely engaging workshop! Even though I was sleepy from the night before, the way Chris Lyons presented all the concepts really kept me awake and wanting to know more. Loved it. Highly recommended."
Shane Paderango, Commerce Student, ANU Canberra

"Well presented. Simple, easily applied techniques. Remembering and intelligence are made easy by Chris."
Anthony Crandell, Commander, NSW Police Force

"Fantastic content and delivery. Chris is an amazingly engaging presenter and kept the whole group interested throughout. Definitely worth the money."
Martin Cholewka, IT Consultant, Melbourne

"I have the attention span of a gnat but Chris's presentation held my attention for the full 8 hours. He was funny, informative, the workshop was fast paced and full of useful tools that I plan to use to improve my memory, my business and my life!"
Karen Volich, Director, Texas Productions

"This course has met and exceeded all my expectations. Chris is a genius!! Course was very informative and really fun. Highly recommend it!"
Almir Haseljic, Personal Trainer, Sydney

"Really awesome course that manages to get through loads of content quickly and succinctly but still effectively."
Paddy, Electorate Officer, MP's Office

"Not a dull moment. Chris is a great, entertaining presenter."
Jacqueline Antonios, Registered Nurse, Sydney

"I found Mr. Lyons thoroughly enjoyable and very fun. He had so much zest and energy and his transmission of that zest was infectious. The speed reading section was not terrifying at all, it was thoroughly do-able and natural. I was very encouraged!"
Chloe Elmore, Student, Auckland

"Chris is a great presenter. Truly practical and helpful techniques."
James Carr, Film and Video Producer, Green Light Media

"Chris was a terrifically engaging presenter who made high concepts accessible."
Ian Zakon, Account Director, Primary Communications Sydney

"It was very interesting how much better my memory got and I also really noticed the difference in the speed of my reading. Thanks Chris, you are probably the best public speaker I have been given the opportunity to listen to."
Kristen French, High School Student, Brisbane

"Very engaging, practical and slick. Great session, dazzling!"
Sheryl, Principal, Melbourne School

"An excellent day of training with quick and easy learning techniques to improve memory, give presentations and speed read. Not only informative and fun but Chris managed to keep me engaged for 8 hours! A course I would recommend to everyone. Thanks Chris!"
Louiza Menzel, Director, French Organic Skin Care Products

"Really interesting. So simply presented that it was very easy to get the point. I am going to apply it when I am tutoring my son. It was really useful not only for me."
Pragga Giri, Administration, The Productivity Commission

"8 hours don't usually go this quickly especially when on a course! It was excellent, fun, great dynamic presenter."
Dorcas Heap, G.P., Atherton

Chris has been delivering Training Programs for 21 years and has never had a single customer complaint or refund request. Not one. Just exceptional feedback and satisfaction with the training delivered. Read more of What Customers Say about our unique brand of training.

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