Memorable Training, Fantastic Feedback. What People Say About Gloo Training. 

What Others Say About Gloo

Since 2003, we've trained thousands of people in Memory, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques. From students to seniors. From secretaries to CEOs. From entrepreneurs to entertainers. In fact people from a wide range of different companies, industries, situations and backgrounds.

But all with one thing in common. An interest, a desire and a willingness to invest just a few hours to discover how to tap into more of the natural talents and abilities we all possess. Here's just a small selection of their comments.

"The memory sessions were brilliant and I have since used one of the techniques to present a one hour training session without notes - a feat I would never have thought possible before this workshop."
Glen Frost, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Exceeded even my own expectations. Gloo's techniques are outstanding with undeniable results."
Jenny Jones, CFO, Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority

"Incredibly impressive. Totally intrigued by Chris's ability to use simple strategies to solve a complex problem!"
John Georgiou, CEO, Georgiou Group

"A really great way to develop and improve your memory skills."
Dr Michael Best, GP

"The most interesting training course I've been on. Excellent presentation of material, entertaining and fun. Would recommend highly. Thank you!"
Cathy Donnelly, Executive Assistant, Department Of Planning And Community Development Victoria

"An excellent day's training that everyone should do. Chris is a super presenter and can back-up his teachings by using on the spot examples."
Darryn Thomson, Financial Accountant, BSH Home Appliances

"I can remember names now. Well done Chris!"
Richard Yee, Accountant, Alstom Grid Australia

"Very engaging and energetic presentation! The memory and speed reading techniques were practical and very useful."
Greg Thompson, Director, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

"Education at its best. One of the best and most useful presentations I've attended. An absolute must for anyone who thinks."
Ange Marinakis, Doctor

"A must for business people."
Bronwyn Matthews, General Manager, Mercury Telephones

"Excellent simple techniques. Amazing improvement in 1 day. Incredible."
Justin Ezard, Manager, PKF Chartered Accounting

"Chris, thank you for an enjoyable and fun night. Your method for remembering names works and we are all better for it."
Peter Iancov, CEO, Doric Group

"The most useful training I have been to… ever. Great presenter and I learnt many things I will be able to use on a daily basis."
Jessica Cutting, Senior Strategic Planner, Bayside City Council

"Chris is an excellent presenter who is able to deliver lots of information in an easy to understand, fun and interesting way. I have heaps of great techniques that I am really looking forward to using. I am in the professional training industry and Chris is right up there with the best!"
Julie Blackburn, General Manager, Beyond Success

"On behalf of the Catholic Education Office, Sydney thank you for the outstanding memory presentation you delivered to some 350 of our staff. The feedback was extremely impressive and even the sceptical came away surprised at how they will be able to put to practical use the simple techniques you demonstrated. I would happily recommend your techniques to other organisations."
Kathy Campbell, Catholic Education Office, Sydney

"Very effective. Very valuable."
Simon J Costa, CEO, Costa Group

"Absolutely fantastic. Very applicable to my personal and professional life."
Wayne Wild, Director, Peacocks Bedding

"Really good Chris. Great material, well put together and presented."
Andrew Walker, Chairman, Aspen Medical

"The goal of the day was to provide my high school children with tools to improve their study habits and retention. Both my daughter and son benefited from today and into the future. Thank you."
Brett White, Father, Victoria

"Presented with style and pizazz!"
Jeff Allis, Director, Boost Juice Bars

"Fantastic! Very valuable, clever tools to assist memory retention."
Juliann Davis, YPO, Perth

"Really awesome seminar. Learnt heaps. Chris was fantastic. Great techniques."
Lune Lim, Director, Aspine Media

"An excellent day of training with quick and easy learning techniques to improve memory, give presentations and speed read. Not only informative and fun but Chris managed to keep me engaged for 8 hours! A course I would recommend to everyone. Thanks Chris!"
Louiza Menzel, Director, French Organic Skin Care Products

"The most enjoyable, most practical course I've ever done - can be applied to anything."
Mario Kos, Royal District Nursing Service

"The absolute stand out were the memory sessions."
Rick Ashton, Director, Westpac

"Great workshop! Very useful in my position, will save me a lot of time. Thanks Chris!"
Amy Blazewski, HR Manager, Lifebroker

"A great session. I have heard about memory techniques for years but to actually experience it in a day was like having the lights turned on."
Steven Mitchell, McDonalds Australia Ltd

"Well rounded day that develops areas that traditional business courses don't touch."
Andrew Randall, Finance Manager, SP Ausnet

"Memory is all you have, once it's gone there is nothing to hold on to. Session was excellent. It will help me for years to come."
Emily Sang, Kingston City Council

"Fun, lively way to expand your brain! After having medical memory loss, Chris's course and techniques have proven valuable and also a big self-esteem booster. Thanks Chris."
Linda, Business Manager, QLD

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Wish I had done it years ago."
Leanne Curphey, Department Of Planning And Community Development Victoria

"Excellent overview of mind and memory skills that will last a lifetime. Chris is an excellent teacher and facilitator, full of passion, energy and knowledge. The full day course flew by! Mind and memory skills are definitely a much needed tool in the business and academic arena. Kudos!"
Andrew Yeoh, MBA Student, Melbourne Business School

"Practical and high energy... new ideas that give you a hidden advantage."
James Budin, Director, Rogen International

"Today has given me tools I can use for studying a science degree after many years away from study. Chris is very entertaining."
Angie Byrne, Health Science Student

"I learnt fantastic skills that will help with my productivity and self-satisfaction of getting things done! It will help me take many things off my 'to-do list'. Thanks for your time and effort Chris."
Carol Mioduchowski, Primary Care Manager, Geelong

"If you want to move away from boring PowerPoints to an interactive and fun way of learning where you actually remember everything from start to end, and learn lifelong skills to make your everyday work so much easier, Gloo is for you. That is what I achieved in one day."
Geoff Caine, Department Of Sustainability And Environment Victoria

"For me it has drawn a line in the sand; before I was a victim of a bad memory, now I understand that it was simply a case of an untrained memory. I'm excited by the potential that the techniques demonstrated in the seminar hold for me personally and in my role as a teacher."
Ruth Williams, Teacher, Distance Education Centre of Victoria

"The best course I've ever done. I would recommend this course to all sales people."
Aaron Lukeman, Mercury Telephones, Canberra

"The presentation was one of the best I've been to - and I have been to a few! Very enjoyable, using fun to educate. Inclusive, brilliant presenter."
Pauline Lonel, Royal District Nursing Service

"I learnt so much in such a short time span. I will definitely use these techniques in my day to day life. Thank you!"
Louise Goodman, Young Presidents Organisation

"Very useful - all aspects plus a good follow-up plan. Chris is an excellent presenter. THANK YOU!"
Vadim Doubine, Translator/Interpreter

"One of the main areas of benefit for me is that the information provided has allowed me to maximise my organisational productivity. Highly recommended."
Anne Oakley, Manager, Melbourne Citymission

"Thoroughly enjoyed the content. Great presenter which made the day very enjoyable and took away some fantastic techniques."
Nicolle Connelly, Operations Manager, Airservices Australia

"The biggest benefits for me have been that I can now remember when I need to and cover a lot more written material than previously - a significant boost to my productivity."
Lyndie Spurr, (Former) Executive General Manager, Royal District Nursing Service

"A wonderful program. I flew down for each session and it was worth every cent. Chris has a very practical approach to turning theory into sensible ways to use this knowledge in the business world."
Jeff Scicluna, IT Consultant, Macquarie Bank

"The speed reading course was fantastic - I am sure it will save me time in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend this to anyone who reads."
Lucy McInnes, Boral

"I was wrapped with the results! I saw an exponential increase in my reading speed. I definitely recommend this course."
Tamara Dimattina, Marketing Account Manager

"Like many things in life, the brain did not come with an instruction manual. The session I attended helped open my eyes (or should I say mind) as to how to make things stick in my memory - thanks to Gloo!"
Hillel Benedykt, Presales Manager, EMC

"Creativity and memory are closely linked. Gloo offers a creative and brain-friendly approach to making the most of your incredible memory."
Jennifer Goddard, Director, Mindwerx International

"I have always had a firm belief that I had a bad memory. With a few simple exercises I was incredibly surprised how much I could remember."
Michelle Molan, Yooralla

"GREAT course, really loved it. You exceeded my expectations with the way the simple building blocks all got put together into some pretty powerful stuff that sticks."
Andrew Hollo, Director, Workwell

"Fascinating and powerful."
Greg Stephenson, Commander, Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board

"The Gloo Personal Coaching Program has changed my life! With memory techniques I now can learn a long new script in 1 day! I have more than doubled my reading speed and continue to improve. I highly recommend Gloo to anyone wanting to improve memory, productivity and lower stress and worry - 11/10. Thanks!"
Mark Mayer, Magician

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