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Memory Skills FAQ

Can you really improve your memory? And if so, how quick and easy is it to do? If you're interested in improving your memory, here are the answers to some questions we're often asked improving your memory.

If you have a specific query which isn't answered below, then get in touch and we’d be happy to answer it for you. Simply call us on 02 7229 4920 or Contact Us via email. Or if you are looking for some tips to get you started then read our 5 minute Quick Tips articles. Each contains one simple idea you can use straight away.

1. Can You Really Improve Your Memory?

When growing up few of us were ever shown how to tap into the incredible, natural power of our memory. The good news is that memory is a skill and that by learning a few simple ideas and techniques anyone can improve their memory. From remembering the names of the people you meet, to learning new information and skills, to studying for and passing professional exams, to giving great presentations confidently without notes, a good memory is an invaluable skill which anybody can develop.

2. Does It Take A Lot Of Time Or Effort To Improve Your Memory?

You can improve your ability to register, retain and recall information of all kinds very quickly by learning the three keys to memory. These simple, practical ideas are based on how your memory naturally works, are easy to understand and once learned you can begin to apply them straight away.

You can learn the techniques in just 1 day by joining us at The Hidden Advantage Workshop which takes place around Australia regularly throughout the year and covers memory skills plus speed reading, a powerful combination. If the dates or locations aren't convenient, or you prefer to learn even faster, then also consider a private 1 To 1 Half Day Memory Skills Program available all year round and at a time that suits you.

3. Why Do I Have So Much Trouble Remembering People's Names?

It’s happened to us all. You are introduced to somebody in a work or social situation and just two minutes later you are desperately trying to recall the name of your new found friend or colleague. Their name has somehow vanished, disappeared, gone.

Unfortunately, as human beings, many of us find it hard to remember the names of other human beings and there are some very good reasons why. Names are just sounds, verbal labels, often with limited or no real meaning or association attached. What’s more, the meeting process and the environment often adds to the difficulty.

The good news is that by following a simple 3 step process you can make a meaningful and memorable connection between a person and their name making it much easier to recall when you next bump in to them. Plus by applying a few simple ideas as you meet them you can further improve your ability to remember and recall people’s names.

So if you sometimes struggle to remember 'Whatshisname' or 'Whatsherface', then join us at our popular 1 Day Public Course, The Hidden Advantage Workshop, and learn how to quickly remember people’s names together with other useful memory-boosting techniques.

4. Am I Too Old To Improve My Memory?

As we get older many of our physical and mental abilities begin to decline to some extent with it often taking us longer to recall things we already know or absorb new information. This is a natural part of the aging process and to be expected. While none of us can defy nature, learning a few simple memory strategies and techniques will certainly help you retain and recall information as you get older. Indeed, we’ve taught people of all ages, from seven to seventy, how to improve their memory, quickly.

So join us at our 1 Day Public Course, The Hidden Advantage Workshop. Open to anybody of any age, you’ll learn how to tap in to and benefit from more of your natural memory skills. Plus if you are a senior, we’ll even give you an extra discount so you can attend.

5. What Memory Improvement Courses Do You Offer?

We offer a range of fun, fast and effective Memory Improvement Courses including:

  Public Memory Courses  Small group workshops held regularly throughout the year

  1 To 1 Memory Programs  Private programs available all year round and at a time that you suits you

  Staff Training Courses  In-House memory skills workshops for organisations large and small

If you're interested in improving your memory, but need a little help to decide which option is right for you then get in touch. You can call us directly on 02 7229 4920 and we'd be happy to help you.

6. Who Delivers Your Memory Courses?

All our Memory Improvement Courses are delivered personally by Australian Memory Record Breaker Chris Lyons. Chris doubled the Australian Memory Record in 2006 by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. In 2008 Chris won the Australian Memory Championships Names competition by correctly memorising 46 people's names in just 5 minutes.

Over the last 21 years Chris has shown thousands of people just like you how to improve their memory, quickly. An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large Australian and UK companies prior to starting to design and deliver Gloo training programs back in 2003.

Ready To Get Started?

Then Choose From These Memory Improvement Options:

  Public Courses

Small Group Courses Open To All
Public Memory Courses held regularly throughout the year

Public Memory Courses

  1 To 1 Programs

Private Programs For Individuals
Private 1 To 1 Memory Programs available all year round

1 To 1 Memory Programs

Staff Training Courses  Staff Training

Workshops For Organisations
Fun, fast and effective In-House Memory Courses for teams

In-House Memory Courses

Need A Little Help?

If you are interested in improving your memory but need a little help to decide which training option is right for you, then simply contact us for a quick chat. Call us on 02 7229 4920 or if you prefer Contact Us via email.

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