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High School And University Study Skills Courses

Learning how to learn is perhaps the single most important skill you will ever learn. Yet sadly many students go through their entire academic career never really knowing how to study efficiently or effectively. As a result, they often procrastinate, struggling to cope with the large volume of information they are expected to read and remember.

The good news is that there are a small number of simple, easy to learn techniques which any student can use to study much more effectively, improve their grades and achieve better results. We call these Essential Study Skills.

Our Essential Study Skills Public Courses and 1 To 1 Programs help students overcome this common problem, giving them the skills to:

  • Double or even treble their reading speed in a relatively short period of time
  • Absorb and remember much more of the information which they study
  • Achieve better results with less stress by combining highly effective Memory, Speed Reading and Note-taking techniques

Designed and delivered by Australian Memory Record Breaker Chris Lyons, students discover how to learn new information quickly and easily using simple, powerful techniques many other students don't even know exist.

Plus Gloo Study Skills courses are engaging, interactive and fun!

 Courses For High School And University Students

Over the last 21 years we've shown thousands of students of all ages how to study more effectively and achieve better results. So whether your son or daughter is currently at high school, or you're a teacher wanting to help your students study better, or you're at college, university or a mature student returning to study after many years, we can help!

 Study Skills Options

Gloo High School and University Study Skills Courses are available in a number of different formats, so you can choose the option which best meets your needs:

If you want to achieve better results, but need a little help to decide which option is right for you, your son or daughter, or your students then get in touch. Call us on 02 7229 4920, we're happy to help.

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 Public Courses

Small Group Courses
Public Study Skills Courses held throughout the year open to all

Public Study Skills Courses

 1 To 1 Programs

Private Programs For Students
Private Study Skills Programs available all year round

1 To 1 Study Skills Programs

 In-School Courses

Study Skills Courses For Schools
Fun, fast and effective In-School Courses for small and larger groups

In-School Study Skills Courses

Questions About Study Skills?
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If you're interested in better study skills but need some help to decide which option is right for you, your son or daughter, or your students, then get in touch. Call us on 02 7229 4920 or if you prefer Contact Us via email.

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