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Speed Reading FAQ

Can you really double your reading speed? How quick and easy is it to learn to speed read? Can anybody learn speed reading? Here are the answers to some questions we're often asked.

If you have a specific query about speed reading which isn't answered below, then get in touch and we’d be happy to answer it for you. Simply call us on 02 7229 4920 or Contact Us via email. Or if you are looking for some tips to get you started then read our 5 minute Quick Tips articles. Each contains one simple idea you can use straight away.

1. Does Speed Reading Really Work?

In a word, yes. Provided you focus on the right techniques and practise them in the correct way. Unfortunately, some courses and people promote methods which simply don’t work well for most normal people plus require lots of on-going practice. Instead, we focus on a small number of highly effective, simple to understand and quick to learn techniques which can significantly improve the speed at which you read. If you are starting form a normal reading speed, then most people can quite easily double their reading speed with the right techniques and a little bit of focused practice.

2. How Quickly Can I Learn To Speed Read?

With the right techniques, you can learn to speed read very quickly. Increasing your reading speed is not difficult, it just involves getting used to reading in a slightly different way. You can learn the techniques in just 1 day by joining us at our speed reading/memory skills public course, The Hidden Advantage Workshop, which takes place around Australia regularly throughout the year. If the dates or locations aren't convenient, or you prefer to learn even faster, then also consider a private 1 To 1 Half Day Speed Reading Program available all year round and at a time that suits you.

3. Can Anybody Learn Speed Reading?

If you can read, you can learn to speed read. By eliminating the bad reading habits many of us acquire in childhood and avoiding the many reading traps which result in slow reading and poor comprehension, you can significantly improve your reading speed regardless of your age or background. The techniques are easy to understand and can be used by people of all ages.

4. What About Comprehension, Will I Remember What I Read?

There is no point reading material faster if you are not taking it in. This defeats the primary purpose of reading which is to understand the material. One of the benefits of the speed reading techniques is that they require you to be much more focused and less distracted when reading which helps you to register the information better than when reading at slower speeds. In addition, employing the correct reading approach prior to, during and after reading will further maximise the comprehension, retention and recall of what you read.

5. At What Age Can You Learn To Speed Read?

We’ve taught people of all ages how to read faster and remember more, from young children right through to people in their seventies. Because once you can read, you can start to learn how to read at a faster pace. So whether you are young or old, age is not a barrier. Our 1 day speed reading/memory skills public course, The Hidden Advantage Workshop, is open to anybody of any age.

For students, our Essential Study Skills 1 Day Public Course shows how to study more effectively by combing speed reading, memory skills and effective note-taking techniques and is open to students from year 7 to year 12. For younger students you can choose a private 1 To 1 Program available all year round and at a time of your choosing.

6. Will Speed Reading Ruin My Reading Pleasure?

Absolutely not, this is a common misconception. Just because you can read quickly doesn't mean that you have to read everything quickly! In fact, when reading for pleasure you may well choose to read at a pace which allows you to savour the language and to immerse yourself in the story-telling and the imagery the author evokes. Speed reading is a commonly used term, however it is in some ways slightly misleading. A better description would be variable speed reading, namely having the ability to read at different and faster speeds depending upon what you are reading and why you are reading it.

7. What Speed Reading Courses Do You Offer?

We offer a range of fun, fast and effective training courses covering speed reading including:

  Public Speed Reading Courses  Small group courses held regularly throughout the year

  1 To 1 Speed Reading Programs  Private programs available all year round and at a time that you suits you

  Staff Training Courses  In-house speed reading workshops for organisations large and small

If you're interested in speed reading, but need a little help to decide which option is right for you then get in touch. You can call us directly on 02 7229 4920 and we'd be happy to help you.

8. Who Delivers Your Speed Reading Courses?

All our Speed Reading Courses are delivered personally by Australian Memory Record Breaker Chris Lyons. Over the last 21 years Chris has shown thousands of people how to double their reading speed. An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris doubled the Australian Memory Record in 2006 by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error.

Chris has been sought out to deliver speed reading training for many large organisations including Boral, McGrath Real Estate, Bendigo Adelaide Bank, Gadens Lawyers, Vincents Chartered Accountants, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, the Productivity Commission and the AFP.

Chris has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large Australian and UK companies prior to starting to design and deliver Gloo Training Programs back in 2003.

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Public Speed Reading Courses held regularly throughout the year

Public Speed Reading Courses

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Private 1 To 1 Speed Reading Programs available all year round

1 To 1 Speed Reading Programs

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If you are interested in speed reading but need a little help to decide which training option is right for you, then simply contact us for a quick chat. Call us on 02 7229 4920 or if you prefer Contact Us via email.

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