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 Essential Study Skills For High School Students
1 To 1 Online Study Skills Program

 Program Summary

 If you are looking for ways to help your son or daughter with their studies then our Essential Study Skills 1 To 1 Online Program will equip them with the skills and confidence to study more effectively and achieve better results. Delivered live online and in person by Australian Memory Record Breaker and founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, this 1 To 1 Program gives students the knowledge, skills and confidence to study much more effectively and achieve better grades.

Focused on three key areas - Memory Skills, Speed Reading and Effective Note-taking - students discover how to learn new information quickly and easily using highly effective study techniques many other students are never ever shown. Plus Gloo 1 To 1 Programs are relaxed, friendly and fun!

Live 1 To 1 Private Study Skills Program

You can take this 1 To 1 High School Study Skills Program from wherever you live in Australia from the comfort, convenience and safety of your own home using our Online Training Platform.

 Purpose Of Program

  • To give high school students a rapid and practical introduction to Memory, Speed Reading and Effective Note-taking techniques
  • To show students how to apply these techniques to their day-to-day studies to overcome procrastination and study in a more organised and effective way
  • To provide students with an easy-to-follow Action Plan to help them apply and practise their new study skills after the program

 What Students Learn

  • Memory Techniques - how much of your potential are you using?
  • The real reason we forget things and why this is good news
  • The 3 essential keys to remembering what you need to at school
  • The 3 most effective memory systems for studying
  • Which memory techniques work best for which subjects
  • How and when to review information to maximise retention and recall
  • How to quickly memorise study information for tests and exams
  • Speed Reading - how well do you currently read and what's possible?
  • Why most students read below their potential and with poor comprehension
  • 4 key techniques to increase your reading speed, comprehension and recall
  • How to quickly double your reading speed through effective practice
  • How to remember more of what you read and study using the BDA approach
  • Reading strategies for different types of study material
  • Common reading traps students make and how to avoid them
  • Effective Note-taking - why is note-taking such an important study skill?
  • Common note-taking traps and how to avoid them
  • How and when to make notes to maximise comprehension, retention and recall
  • How to summarise study materials more quickly and easily
  • How to use the GO method to plan and prepare assignments and projects in a fraction of the usual time
  • How to use effective note-taking to plan A+ essays and overcome procrastination
  • How to combine memory, reading and note-taking techniques to produce a coherent approach to successful study

"Very, very useful, especially the reading techniques. This has helped me immensely."
Jarred Deluca, Year 11 Student, Kellyville

"A very useful experience. Memory improved significantly and speed reading techniques are both enlightening and useful. I highly recommend this program to others."
Moses Vasimalla, Year 12 Student, Melbourne

"This course has shown how a few simple techniques can astronomically help with both memory and reading. Learning 25 elements of the periodic table, in order, in less than 10 minutes! I recommend this to everyone!"
Andrew McLean, Year 10 Student, Scots College Sydney

"It was amazing. I learnt so many new study tips that will be so helpful during the HSC!"
Elloise McWilliams, Year 11 Student, Sydney

"If found the program very helpful and resourceful. All the techniques shown are useful and can be put in to practice. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone as it is also a life skill."
Claire Stanmore, Year 11 Student, Sydney

"It was miraculous. I could actually remember a lot of things in a few short minutes! I learned a variety of clever memory and reading techniques."
Shagana Paramanandan, Year 11 Student, Melbourne

"Thank you very much for Thursday. The girls talked a lot about what was discussed and they are even sharing their new skills with their friends (more like showing off their new skills). A huge change in attitude. It was a pleasure to meet you and Mambo and thank you again."
Louise Lay, Parent, North Sydney

"Useful, easy to remember strategies to make study easier for my daughter. I found the course very useful for myself as well. All major aspects were covered including how to read more efficiently and quickly with high retention plus simple and effective memory techniques. I found my daughter responded well to both the material and the stimulating presenter!"
Catherine Manion, Parent, Killara

 How Is The Program Structured?

For your convenience, you can choose between two formats each of which covers the same material:

  OPTION A: 1 Day Program. Delivered in 1 day, usually from 1000 to 1600. Perfect if you want to cover all the material in the shortest possible time and in just one go.

  OPTION B: 2 Session Program. Delivered in two 3 hour sessions one week apart. Ideal if you find two shorter, separate sessions more convenient.

With both options, the program is broken up in to a number of short modules each of which covers one or several key strategies or techniques. These progressively build on each other and regular short breaks are taken to maintain attention and focus. In this way, it is possible to easily absorb and learn the techniques covered whether done in one go or over a number of shorter, separate sessions.

 How Is The Program Delivered?

This program is delivered live over the internet using our Online Training Platform. We use a simple to use web based platform which runs in any web browser which means no special software or programs are required. You just need a computer or a tablet with a webcam and microphone and a broadband internet connection. We’ve been running Online Programs for adults and students for many years and they are a great alternative to face-to-face courses, especially in the current situation. We will send you, the week prior to your program, your log in details to access the platform, together with the progam handouts as an easy to print PDF document.

 Who Delivers This Program?

This Online 1 To 1 Private Study Skills Course is delivered live and in person by founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, who doubled the Australian Memory Record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. Chris has appeared on The Today Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, ABC TV and demonstrated how effective Memory Improvement, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques can be on radio stations all around Australia.

An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris has been sought out to deliver training for many large organisations including McGrath Real Estate, Bendigo Adelaide Bank, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, J.P.Morgan, Deutsche Bank, the Productivity Commission and the AFP. Chris also has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large Australian and UK companies before starting to design and deliver Gloo Training Programs in 2003.

Over the last 17 years Chris has delivered hundreds of Study Skills Programs for high school students showing them how to study more effectively and achieve better grades and has never had a single customer complaint or refund request. Not one. Because Gloo training is fun, fast and effective. Here is just a small selection of comments from students who have taken our Study Skills Programs.

"The Gloo Program taught by Chris taught me heaps of cool information retention and revision techniques that I will definitely use and will help me significantly. I wish I had learnt this all earlier!!"
Mitchell O'Shea, Year 12 Student, Mansfield High School

"Very interesting, helped me to understand how to increase the productivity of my study. The memory techniques work great and the speed reading will come in handy not only in school but also in the work place. All up a friendly environment and a great teacher. WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!!"
Oscar Lonergan, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"This was a great program that taught me many useful techniques. Everything was easy to learn and Chris made the day enjoyable."
Liana Dimovski, Year 11 Student, Illawarra Sports High

"Helpful in increasing all aspects of study, reading and memory. Thank you."
Alyssa Marshall, Year 12 Student, Sydney

"The program was delightful. I saw an immediate improvement in my memory and my reading speed. The course was very enjoyable and FUN!"
Geneva Walker, Year 11 Student, Penrith

"Chris provided simple tools and tips that will help improve reading speed and recall, note-taking and memory. These were presented in a fun and interesting format. I look forward to using them to improve my own work performance."
Michael, Parent, Brisbane

"The learning techniques to help remember things are priceless. This would have been so useful when I was at school!"
Lisa Bousfield, Parent and Company Director, North Curl Curl

 How Much Does The Program Cost?

The 1 To 1 Essential Study Skills Program costs $795 including GST. If you are interested in the program but it is beyond your budget, you can reduce the cost by by having your son or daughter take the program with a friend. You can also participate from the same or different online locations. See question 7 below for details.

Special - Save $200

Book this Program today and pay just $595. Special applies to 1 Day Programs booked and paid for by 31 March 2020 for delivery any time between now and 31 December 2020.

If the program is beyond your budget at present, another cheaper option is to consider attending one of our Online Small Group Public Study Skills Courses which we run regularly throughout the year.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently-asked questions about this program. If you have other questions before you register for the Gloo 1 To 1 Essential Study Skills Program, feel free to call us on 02 9089 8892.

1. When Do The Sessions Take Place?

Available all year round and at a time to suit you, this Online Study Skills Program can be taken on weekdays, Saturdays and selected Sundays. Sessions take place during the daytime and are also available on selected weekday evenings.

2. Where Do The Sessions Take Place?

All Programs are delivered live online. Given the current COVID-19 situation, face-to-face sessions are currently unavailable.

3. How Do The Online Sessions Work?

For simplicity, we use a web based platform which runs in any web browser, so no special software or programs are required. You simply need a computer (either PC or Mac) or a tablet with a webcam and microphone and a broadband internet connection. The platform is similar to Zoom and allows us to interact and to share video, audio, documents and the supporting PowerPoints we use as we progress through the session. We’ve been running Online Programs for adults and students for many years and they are a great alternative to our face-to-face courses, especially in the current situation. The week prior to your Program we will send you your session link and log in details to access the platform together with an easy to print PDF of the session handouts.

4. Are You Really Able To Keep Students Fully Engaged For A Whole Day? 

Absolutely. In fact, at the end of the day many students not only remark how valuable the course was but also how the day seemed to fly by. And it does, in part because of the way in which the course is structured comprising numerous short sessions of 30 to 50 minutes, each introducing one or several key study strategies or techniques, with frequent short breaks in between to help students remain attentive and focused. But also because students are introduced to new and highly effective ways to learn in a fun, relaxed and humorous fashion.

5. Do Students Receive Any Support Materials? 

Yes. Prior to your program you will be emailed a PDF with the handouts we will use as part of the session. While doing the various exercises and activities students will refer to and fill in the handouts, providing them with a simple, clear reminder of all the ideas, techniques and strategies taught during the course of the day. They will also, at the end of the program, have an easy to follow action plan to help them practise and build upon their new skills.

6. I'm A Parent And Would Like To Sit In On The Program, Is This Possible?

Yes, we actively encourage it and there is no extra charge. You also then get to experience first hand the techniques your son or daughter has been shown and you are able to provide additional support and encouragement to use them afterwards. Plus we know that many parents also benefit from learning how to read faster and remember more!

7. Is It Possible To Take This Program With Another Student? 

Yes, this program can be taken with up to two additional students at the same time. Ideal if you have more than one son or daughter or they would benefit from taking the program with a school friend. The cost for each additional student is $200 including GST. So for a 1 Day Program for two students together at the current special rate the total cost is $595 + $200 = $795 or just over $395 each, a saving of almost $300 per student compared to the normal individual 1 Day Program price. Additional students can participate from the same or a different online location.

8. Is This Program Suitable For High School Students Of All Ages? 

In a word, yes. This Study Skills Course is designed to help high school students study more effectively and improve their grades regardless of their age. It is especially beneficial for students in years 10 to 12 preparing for the VCE, HSC or QCST.  

That said, the earlier students are exposed to effective study techniques the sooner they can benefit from them. Which is why this program is designed to equip students with key, lifelong learning skills and is delivered in a fun and easy-to-follow way so that students from years 7, 8 and 9 can benefit from the program just as much as students in years 10 to 12.  

9. We'd Prefer To Attend An Online Group Course. When Are The Next Ones?

We regularly run this program as an online small group public course open to all, a cheaper option to a private program. For upcoming dates and to find out more visit Online Small Group Study Skills Courses.

10. Have You Completed Working With Children Checks?

Yes. This program is delivered in person by founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, who has completed all required Working With Children checks, including police checks, and meets all Working With Children requirements in each of the states in which we run programs. Furthermore, we have been delivering programs now for over 15 years without a single issue.

11. We're Looking For Something Slightly Different

Customised Programs are also available. Please contact us using the form below for details. Customised Programs may cost slightly more to cover additional design and preparation time.

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If you are interested in helping your son or daughter to study more effectively but need help to decide which program is right for them, then contact us for a chat. Call us on 02 9089 8892 or if you prefer Contact Us via email.

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