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 Essential Study Skills For High School Students
1 Day Study Skills Course For Schools

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 Course Summary

Looking for ways to help your students study more effectively and achieve better results? We can help! We've helped thousands of high school students study more effectively and achieve better results through our Study Skills Courses. Designed and delivered personally by Australian Memory Record Breaker and founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, this fun and fast-paced In-School Study Skills Course gives students the knowledge, skills and confidence to study much more effectively and get better grades.

Focused on three key areas - Memory Skills, Speed Reading and Effective Note-taking - students discover how to learn new information quickly and easily using highly effective study techniques many other students are never ever shown. Plus Gloo In-School Study Skills Courses are relaxed, friendly and fun!

Special - Save $1,000

Save $1,000 on In-School Study Skills Courses booked by 30 June 2022 for delivery by 30 September 2022.

 Purpose Of Workshop

  • To give high school students a rapid and practical introduction to Memory, Speed Reading and Effective Note-taking techniques
  • To show students how to apply these techniques to their day-to-day studies to overcome procrastination, save time and achieve better results
  • To provide students with an easy-to-follow Action Plan to help them practise their new Study Skills after the course

"Incredibly beneficial! For the first time coming out of a learning activity I don't feel brain dead or overwhelmed, I feel powerful and ready to tackle year 12."
Lauren Steyger, Year 11 Student, Alexandra Secondary College, Victoria

"This workshop is amazing! You don't know how much I needed this! These techniques are very smart and easy to adapt to."
Jack Avery, Year 7 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"Thanks to this I should be able to pass my HSC."
Josephine Munz, Year 10 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"This was a great session. If students use these techniques then they will be able to remember what is on their exams!"
James Bailey, Year 12 Student, Yarra Hills Secondary College

"This workshop was very helpful and I would definitely recommend for other students to participate in it if ever given the chance."
Louisa Norris, Year 11 Student, Alexandra Secondary College, Victoria

 What Students Learn

  • Memory Techniques - how much of your potential are you using?
  • The real reason we forget things and why this is good news
  • The 3 essential keys to remembering what you need to at school
  • The 3 most effective memory systems for studying
  • Which memory techniques work best for which subjects
  • How and when to review information to maximise retention and recall
  • How to quickly memorise study information for tests and exams
  • Speed Reading - how well do you currently read and what's possible?
  • Why most students read below their potential and with poor comprehension
  • 4 key techniques to increase your reading speed, comprehension and recall
  • How to quickly double your reading speed through effective practice
  • How to remember more of what you read and study using the BDA approach
  • Reading strategies for different types of study material
  • Common reading traps students make and how to avoid them
  • Effective Note-taking - why is note-taking such an important study skill?
  • Common note-taking traps and how to avoid them
  • How and when to make notes to maximise comprehension, retention and recall
  • How to summarise study materials more quickly and easily
  • How to use the GO method to plan and prepare assignments and projects in a fraction of the usual time
  • How to use effective note-taking to plan A+ essays and overcome procrastination
  • How to combine memory, reading and note-taking techniques to produce a coherent approach to successful study

"Absolutely perfect! Loved the whole thing. Has to be the easiest way to learn, remember and make study notes more effective."
Michael Cole, Year 9 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"Chris was a great presenter, very engaging! The content was interesting and very relevant to memorising things for our exams. The techniques taught were very simple yet very effective. Having short sessions on each topic made it easy to keep focus and pay attention. I would definitely recommend this session to other students. Chris's energy made it entertaining to watch."
Sam Tallentyre, Year 12 Student, Lilydale High School

"The speed reading was great. I can really see this cutting down my study time and helping me rip through exams."
Anna Palmer, Year 12 Student, Mooroolbark College

"Loved it! I now know how to read faster and study more efficiently. Chris is amazing!"
Ricky Nixon, Year 12 Student, Upper Yarra Secondary College

"Was mind-blowing. Never thought in a million years I would be able to remember that much. Definitely going to use it for exams. Thanks heaps!"
Rachel, Year 11 Student, Cromwell Secondary College, New Zealand

 In-School Delivery Format

  • Fun, fast-paced 1 Day Workshop delivered at your school or via Zoom
  • Typically run from 9am to 3.30pm, start time flexible
  • Designed for both smaller and larger groups from 20 to 120 students
  • Includes free access for each student to the Essential Study Skills 7 Day Online Follow-Up Program to help students practise and apply what they learn at the workshop

Time an issue? Also available as a shorter Half Day Course lasting 4 hours. Please contact us using the form below for details.

 Who Delivers The Workshop?

This In-School Study Skills Course is designed and delivered in person by founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, who doubled the Australian Memory Record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. Chris has appeared on The Today Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, ABC TV and demonstrated how effective Memory Improvement, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques can be on radio stations all around Australia.

An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris has been sought out to deliver training for many large organisations including McGrath Real Estate, Bendigo Adelaide Bank, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, J.P.Morgan, Deutsche Bank, the Productivity Commission and the AFP. Chris also has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large Australian and UK companies before starting to design and deliver Gloo Training Programs in 2003.

 What Other Students Say About This Study Skills Course

Gloo Study Skills Courses are fun, fast and effective. But don't just take our word for it. Here are just a few comments from students at schools which have already run this Study Skills Course.

"A once in a lifetime experience."
Steph, Year 11 Student, Cromwell Secondary College, New Zealand

"This is the best workshop I've ever been to! It helped me a lot and taught me about speed reading."
Larry Lo, Year 12 Student, Cabramatta High School

"Wicked! I think everyone should do this. I learnt heaps."
David Champ, Year 7 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"Speed reading and peg systems really helped. Creating images to remember information was useful. The whole session was interesting and worth it."
Tammy Nguyen, Year 12 Student, Cabramatta High School

"Great day that will helps my future studies. Genius techniques!!"
Caley Yarnold, Year 10 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"Best learning techniques I have ever learnt. Very useful."
Nathan Howard, Year 12 Student, Jannali High School Sydney

"Most valuable experience of my life."
David Tairych, Year 12 Student, Mooroolbark College

"It was awesome. Really opened my eyes on how to improve my study skills. Great learning experience, highly recommend it."
Daniel Izatt, Year 12 Student, Jannali High School Sydney

"Really exciting and entertaining. Can't believe that I could remember what I did. Unbelievable techniques to complete the HSC!"
Jarrod, Year 12 Student, Jannali High School Sydney

Read more feedback on why schools find this Study Skills Course so beneficial for their students In-School Study Skills Course Feedback (this is a PDF document and opens in a new window).

 How Much?

The following prices are based on delivery in the metropolitan Sydney area. We are happy to deliver this workshop in other locations around Australia, travel expenses from Sydney apply at cost.

Delivery Fee: 1 Day Essential Study Skills Course plus access for each student to the 7 Day Online Follow-up Program = $3,000 plus GST

Special - Save $1,000

Delivery Fee = $2,000 plus GST. Applies to 1 Day Study Skills Courses booked and paid for by 30 June 2022 for delivery any time between now and 30 September 2022.

Also available as a shorter Half Day option. Please contact us using the form below for details.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Before you register your interest in a Gloo Study Skills Course at your school, here are the answers to some commonly-asked questions. 

1. How Is The Study Skills Course Structured?

The Study Skills Course comprises numerous short sessions of 30 to 50 minutes, each introducing one or several key study strategies or techniques, with frequent short breaks in between to help students remain attentive and focused. The strategies and techniques introduced in the sessions build one on another through the course of the day. Continual review and reinforcement in a fun, engaging, non-threatening way is used to check learning and ensure retention of the key ideas covered.

2. Are You Really Able To Keep Students Fully Engaged For A Whole Day?

Absolutely. In fact, many students not only remark how valuable the course was but also how the day seemed to fly by. And it does, in part because of the way in which the course is structured but also because students are introduced to new and highly effective ways to learn in a fun, relaxed and humorous fashion.

3. Is This Course Suitable For High School Students Of All Ages?

In a word, yes. This Study Skills Course is designed to help high school students study more effectively and improve their grades regardless of their age. It is especially beneficial for students in years 10 to 12 preparing for the VCE, HSC or QCST.

That said, the earlier students are exposed to effective study techniques the sooner they can benefit from them. Which is why this program is designed to equip students with key, lifelong learning skills and is delivered in a fun and easy-to-follow way so that students from years 7, 8 and 9 can benefit from the program just as much as students in years 10 to 12.

4. What Type Of Room And Equipment Do You Need To Run The Course?

We simply need a suitably sized room for the group size arranged in tables of 4 or 6 students each plus access to a data projector and screen. Students are asked to bring with them a text book, either fiction or non-fiction, for use in the reading exercises. All other course materials will be provided.

5. Do Students Receive Any Support Materials? 

Students receive a series of handouts which build up through the course of the day summarising the key ideas and techniques as they are discussed and activities undertaken. These serve as an important and easy to review reminder of the techniques covered after the course. The handouts will be supplied to you prior to the course in one PDF file for printing.

6. What Is The Online Follow-up Program?

Some students find it helpful to have a structured, step-by-step way to review and apply what they learn after the course. The Online Follow-up Program provides this. It consists of access to a special web page each day for seven days and gets students to actively review and use what they learned at the workshop.

7. My School Has A Limited Budget, Is It Possible To Reduce The Cost At All?

Yes. From time to time we run Specials to encourage schools to book this valuable Study Skills Course in advance. For courses booked by 30 June 2022, for delivery any time between now and 30 September 2022, there is a Special running at present which reduces the Delivery Fee to $2,000 plus GST which is a saving of $1,000. Please contact us to check on availability.

Alternatively, you can also consider running the shorter, half day version of this study skills course. If you are interested in this option please contact us for details by completing the form below.

8. Have You Completed Working With Children Checks?

Yes. This course is delivered in person by founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, who has completed all required Working With Children checks, including police checks, and meets all Working With Children requirements in each of the states in which we run courses. Furthermore, we have been running courses now for 15 years without a single issue.

9. We're A School But Looking For Something Slightly Different, Can You Help Us?

Yes. Once we understand what you are looking to achieve, we can tailor something suitable to meet your needs, budget and time frame. Please contact us using the form and let us know what you are looking to achieve.

10. I'm A Parent Reading This, Do You Run This As A Public Course?

Yes. We also run this as a Public Course, open to all students, in cities around Australia during the school holidays. Our next Essential Study Skills Public Courses are taking place shortly in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. Plus we also cover the same ideas and techniques for students who prefer to learn on a one to one basis through our 1 To 1 Study Skills Private Program.


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