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Study Effectively, Pass Exams, Achieve Better Grades. Essential study techniques every high school and university student should know.

 Essential Study Skills For High School Students
1 Day Public Study Skills Course

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Upcoming High School Study Skills Courses

Our recent high school study skills courses were all fully booked. However the good news is that there are a few places remaining at our next courses taking place this month. Each course is limited to just 10 students so book now to avoid missing out. Plus take advantage of our current special!

April School Holidays

Fully Booked, Taken Place
Fully Booked, Taken Place
Sydney - 24 April 2018
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Sydney - 27 April 2018
Fully Booked

Winter School Holidays

Brisbane - 11 July 2018
Melbourne - 12 July 2018
Canberra - 17 July 2018
Sydney - 20 July 2018

*Special* Book By 30 April 2018 and Save $200

Date Or Location Not Convenient? The study skills course can also be done as a one to one private program at any time through the year. For more details simply visit Individual Study Skills Program.

 Course Summary

 If you are looking for ways to help your son or daughter with their studies then our essential study skills course will equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to study more effectively and achieve better results. Designed and delivered by Australian Memory Record Breaker and founder of Gloo, Chris Lyons, this fun, fast-paced 1 day study skills course gives students of all ages simple, practical techniques to overcome procrastination and approach their studies in a more organised and efficient way, helping them achieve better grades in assignments, tests and exams.

Focused on the three key areas every high school student should know - memory skills, speed reading and effective note-taking techniques - students discover how to learn new information quickly and easily using simple yet powerful study techniques many other students are never ever shown. Plus the course is relaxed, friendly and fun!

"An unusually useful and exhilarating experience that'll leave you with the knowledge to turn C's into A's with little extra effort."
Andrew Verela, Year 11 Student, Iona College Brisbane

"This course was extraordinary! I learned so many helpful study, reading and memory techniques. I recommend this course to anyone in high school."
Julia Aruci, Year 8 Student, Melbourne Girls Grammar

"I learned more in a day than I would in a year at school."
Tristan Launder, Year 10 Student, Wanniassa High School

"I learned so much from this workshop which will change my life forever. Taught me necessary study skills I will use for the rest of my studies. Chris was an amazing teacher."
Aidan Clarry, Year 9 Student, St. Benedicts College Brisbane

"The best class I have had. Also the most useful. Now I will be able to remember more plus the techniques for learning are surprisingly fun."
Fred Langley, Year 10 Student, Melbourne Grammar

"Absolutely hilariously genius. Important techniques that we never learn in school were revealed. It was a life-changing experience. From now on it'll be easier to remember the information our teachers throw at us. Thanks!"
Rachel Chan, Year 12 Student, Sydney

"Exceeded my expectations. Really great teacher, engaging, interesting, recommend to all high school students even if they don't want to go!"
Jess Chow, Year 11 Student, Sydney

"Incredibly beneficial! For the first time coming out of a learning activity I don't feel brain dead or overwhelmed, I feel powerful and ready to tackle year 12."
Lauren Steyger, Year 11 Student, Victoria

"Just to let you know Daniel has been using the techniques you taught him. A few weeks ago he read a non-fiction book, about 300 pages from cover to cover, over a weekend which he would never have done before. So thank you very much."
Davina Noakes, Parent, Melbourne

"I enjoyed this so much! It increased my memory skills and was very effective for speed reading. I would definitely tell my friends to try this course next time it comes around. Before coming I was expecting something sour and boring, I was wrong. I will definitely share the techniques I learnt with lots of people."
Maham Ahmed, Year 8 Student, Glen Waverley Secondary College

"Really fun and memorable. I learnt a heap of easy techniques to revise, remember, learn and study effectively. Chris was really funny and made it easy to learn this stuff!"
Tyler Wilesmith, Year 9, Brisbane State High School

"The course was absolutely amazing. Very helpful. I can remember a lot more than before and I can speed read quite well now. Very effective!"
Arsheeya Rattan, Year 7 Student, Westbourne Grammar Melbourne

"Amazing. This has helped me more than I could help myself. My techniques have improved so much."
Brian, Year 7 Student, Reservoir High School

"Extremely interesting and I learned new study skills and I was amazed how quickly I was able to read."
Tom Grills, Year 11 Student, Geelong Grammar School

"One word - amazing! We do a lot of things and don't really know why. After today's workshop I clearly understand what to do and what is effective. Thanks a lot. Excellent."
Nabid Alam, University Student, Canberra

"The speed reading was great. I can really see this cutting down my study time and helping me rip through exams."
Anna Palmer, Year 12 Student, Mooroolbark College Melbourne

"A once in a lifetime experience."
Steph, Year 11 Student, Cromwell, New Zealand

"The course is the best thing I have ever done for myself. With the techniques I can be assured of achieving my greatest potential. I'm actually looking forward to the next two years at school."
Marihella DeCastro, Year 10 Student, Perth

"I really found this course helpful. I now feel like I am ready for year 11 and 12."
Marissa Leslie, Year 10 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"This course has shown how a few simple techniques can astronomically help with both memory and reading. Learning 25 elements of the periodic table, in order, in less than 10 minutes! I recommend this to everyone!"
Andrew McLean, Year 10 Student, Scots College Sydney

"A great and memorable experience. I recommend it to all students especially if you are starting to feel the stress of high school workload."
Rachel Betts, Year 11, Mount St. Michael's College

"Such a valuable experience! Chris kept everyone engaged and thanks to this the course was very enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone as I learned fantastic techniques which will be helpful in every aspect of my studies."
Amy Seiler, Year 12 Student, Brisbane

"A fantastic 1 day course for your children to significantly improve their study skills. Fun filled format with active participation by students. Useful reference materials to take away and apply to future studies. Thanks Chris for an enjoyable day with lots of learning."
Cathy Thomson, Parent, Year 8 Student

"Exceeded even my own expectations. Gloo's techniques are outstanding with undeniable results."
Jenny Jones, CFO, Victorian Curriculum And Assessment Authority

 Purpose Of Workshop

  • To give high school students a rapid and practical introduction to memory, speed reading and effective note-taking techniques
  • To show students how to apply these techniques to their day-to-day studies to overcome procrastination and study in a more organised and efficient manner, saving time and achieving better grades
  • To provide students with an easy-to-follow action plan to help them apply and practise their new study skills after the course

"My daughter attended your study skills course over the weekend in Brisbane. When I first informed her about the course, she was certainly not bursting with enthusiasm. 7 hours? On a Saturday? etc. However, the result was monumentally different. I have seldom seen her as positive about anything. The whole day was a revelation, and even seems to have lifted her self-esteem (which is not high). So thank you, far, far more than I and she could have hoped to expect."
Karyn Duff, Parent, Brisbane

"Was mind-blowing. Never thought in a million years I would be able to remember that much. Definitely going to use it for exams. Thanks heaps!"
Rachel, Year 11 Student, Cromwell, New Zealand

"Better than any lecture I have had at school. nothing that wasn't useful."
Alex Spence, Year 9 Student, Cannon Hill Anglican College Brisbane

"I found the workshop extremely beneficial, in that little amount of time my memory doubled in power. The techniques were fantastic and I will definitely use them in the future."
Jack White, Year 10 Student, Melbourne

"I feel so much more prepared for year 11, amazing what you can achieve in one day. Complete strangers became friends, tons of laughs and encouragement."
Ricardo Beatriz-Wulfhorst, Year 10 Student, Northern Beaches Christian School

"I didn't quite know what to expect when I came in so I was very thankful that it wasn't at all boring like a normal lecture. I am definitely walking away with a heap of tips and techniques that will prepare me for year 12. Best thing I've ever been to, I'd definitely recommend it!"
Meaghan Price, Year 12 Student, Haileybury College

"An amazing experience and enjoyed every single minute of it. I am definitely going to recommend this workshop to my friends. These techniques are awesome and I am really excited to apply them."
Lucy Lloyd-Morgan, Year 10 Student, Stuartholme School Brisbane

"A very helpful workshop. I definitely learned how to memorise things easier and have them stick in my mind and I can read faster and still comprehend it. A well spent day even though it was in the holidays!"
Austen Lewis, Year 12 Student, Mathew Flinders Anglican College

"Very helpful. I now know many techniques to remember things. I strongly recommend it to others."
Katy Pickles, Year 7 Student, Ravenswood

"Teaches young brains study skills for stressful tests and exams we are forced to do. They're study skills that really do work and help!"
Cara Wood, Year 9 Student, Wavell State High School

"Most valuable experience of my life."
David Tairych, Year 12 Student, Mooroolbark College Melbourne

"I wish our teachers were capable of teaching so well."
Anastasia Hruszowski, Year 9 Student, St. Columbus College

"Chris's systematic approach shows students why and how specific study techniques deliver the skills required for optimal operation in presentations, assessment tasks and exams. With our new skills we could definitely read and memorise more quickly and effectively. The exercises were fun for the students and everyone improved their performance."
Louella Barnes, Owner/Director, Phonics English Language Tutoring

 What Students Learn

  • Memory techniques - how much of your potential are you using?
  • The real reason we forget things and why this is good news
  • The 3 essential keys to remembering what you need to at school
  • The 3 most effective memory systems for studying
  • Which memory techniques work best for which subjects
  • How and when to review information to maximise retention and recall
  • How to quickly memorise study information for tests and exams
  • Speed reading - how well do you currently read and what's possible?
  • Why most students read below their potential and with poor comprehension
  • 4 key techniques to increase your reading speed, comprehension and recall
  • How to quickly double your reading speed through effective practice
  • How to remember more of what you read and study using the BDA approach
  • Reading strategies for different types of study material
  • Common reading traps students make and how to avoid them
  • Effective note-taking - why is note-taking such an important study skill?
  • Common note-taking traps and how to avoid them
  • How and when to make notes to maximise comprehension, retention and recall
  • How to summarise study materials more quickly and easily
  • How to use the GO method to plan and prepare assignments, projects and essays in a fraction of the usual time
  • How to use effective note-taking to plan A+ essays and overcome procrastination
  • How to combine memory, reading and note-taking techniques to produce a coherent approach to successful study

"Thanks to this I should be able to pass my HSC."
Josephine Munz, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"Chris is an amazing guy. His special techniques for reading, memorising and note-taking will really help me during the remainder of my studies."
Lucas Nguyen, Year 11 Student, Sydney Grammar School

"Simply amazing."
Ryan Higgins, Year 12 Student, Mooroolbark College Melbourne

"This course was a real eye-opener and game-changer in how to memorise and read effectively using the techniques we were taught."
Veliko Dimitrov, Year 11 Student, Padua College Brisbane

"This was a fantastic workshop that I would not hesitate to do again. Kept me intrigued the whole day through and made the entire day fun and interactive. Would recommend this to anyone!"
Jared Daley, Year 12 Student, John Monash Science School Melbourne

"Fantastic! Learnt new techniques that schools don't inform you of... excellent."
Sasha Paterson, Year 11 Student, Clayfield College Brisbane

"The experience was enjoyable and surprising. I found myself wanting to learn more. I wish my school taught me information like this."
Jessica Evans, Year 11 Student, Kingaroy State High School

"The course was awesome. I have learnt a lot of tips and strategies to assist me with my school work."
Hunter Owen, Year 10 Student, Clairvaux Mackillop College Brisbane

"Very interesting, helped me to understand how to increase the productivity of my study. The memory techniques work great and the speed reading will come in handy not only in school but also in the work place. All up a friendly environment and a great teacher. WORTH EVERY MINUTE!!!"
Oscar Lonergan, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"I learned a lot more that I thought I would. I can now speed read and remember many different things."
Matt Reckling, Year 9 Student, Scots College Sydney

"Chris was a great presenter, very engaging! The content was interesting and very relevant to memorising things for our exams. The techniques taught were very simple yet very effective. Having short sessions on each topic made it easy to keep focus and pay attention. I would definitely recommend this session to other students. Chris's energy made it entertaining to watch."
Sam Tallentyre, Year 12 Student, Lilydale High School Melbourne

"I am terrible at studying and writing notes. I had no techniques. Today has provided me with plenty of techniques. Thank you!!"
Manny, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"Why didn't we learn this in school? These techniques really should be taught to every student in the country!"
David Eastwood, Melbourne Parent & Company Director

"Chris gave me massive insight in to how students can study effectively. The things that I learnt will be beneficial not just for my business but for every day activities. A fantastic day which was well worth it. Thank you!"
Kylie Mullins, Director, A Stress Free HSC

speed reading staff training courses  Delivery Format

  • 1 day study skills workshop starting at 0930 and finishing at 1600
  • Public workshop takes place in key cities around Australia throughout the year and is open to all high school students, next public dates and locations shown below
  • Fun, fast-paced and interactive small group learning
  • Limited to just 10 students to maximise personal attention and learning
  • Designed for students of all ages from year 7 through to year 12
  • In-school version available for larger groups, details below

Bonus Material

Includes free access to the Essential Study Skills 7 day Online Follow-up Program to help students practise and apply what they learn at the workshop.

"This workshop will really help me for the next two years of year 11 and 12. I can't wait for the holidays to be over so I can go back to school and apply all of these study skills. Thank you."
Grace McLean, Year 11 Student, Mudgee High School

"Excellent study tips about reading and note-taking, incredibly useful and helpful. It has definitely increased my reading speed with simple, easy steps that are explained nicely. Very enjoyable, entertaining and useful."
Sam Wyatt, Year 12 Student, Geelong Grammar School

"Do you do a day like this for teachers because I can name a few teachers that could use it at my school? Enjoyed the day a lot because I was learning things, a lot of things and my brain didn't feel overloaded like at school."
Sarah, Year 7 Student, Melbourne

"I really enjoyed this workshop. I have trouble when it comes to studying. This workshop has given me some very useful memory techniques that will help me when I need to study for exams. I would recommend it to any other person who is struggling with exams."
Meadhibh Sheehy, Year 10 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"Very useful techniques I had never heard of before. Very friendly, interactivity is great. Thank you."
Tiffany Lanzing, Year 12 Student, Castle Hill

"A useful and enjoyable training course. There was a wide range of fascinating concepts which proved highly beneficial in a practical sense. Particularly memorable was the presenter Chris Lyons, who was a dynamic interpersonal communicator helping to make all of the content material easy to engage with. I was amazed that the techniques can be applied in a manner that allows me to complete study/work in a highly efficient way."
Elliott Falzon, Year 11 Student, Sydney

"It was great. I feel more confident with my studies and my exams will be majorly improved thanks to your study session. You made it fun and don't need to change anything."
Lily Kyle, Year 9 Student, Bambridge College

"I really enjoyed this workshop. The presentation was engaging and taught me how to study and memorise specific things effectively and perfectly. I recommend this to any student, teacher, worker, basically anyone willing to open their minds to a new way of learning/thinking."
Nadya Seno, Year 10 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"Chris has a great way of delivering really useful tools such as speed reading and memory techniques. Awesome! Thank you!"
Blake Guildford, Teacher, Shore School Sydney

Run This Study Skills Course At Your School

  • A special version of this workshop can also be delivered directly in schools anywhere in Australia
  • In-school version designed for larger groups from 20 up to 120 students
  • Typically runs from 0900 to 1530, flexible start time
  • For more information on running this workshop in your school including the cost please visit the In-School Study Skills Course web page.

"Very helpful, learnt a lot of techniques and skills that I haven't in school. Will be very useful for the future."
Olivia Lennon, Year 10 Student, Woolooware High School

"This workshop was a massive eye-opener about how much study is lost. I recommend this for any student as it really helped not only how to study best but also how to read and take in as much information as possible as well as simple techniques to remember key information. It was very fun as well!!"
Samantha Evans, ACU Student Brisbane

"Loved it! I now know how to read faster and study more efficiently. Chris is amazing!"
Ricky Nixon, Year 12 Student, Upper Yarra Secondary College Melbourne

"Great workshop. I already have the skills necessary to memorise most things at school, at home, this truly will benefit me for the future. I recommend this for any other students who struggle to revise."
Hugh Faulkner, Year 11 Student, Geelong Grammar School

"It was an interesting course with many techniques that I will be able to transfer to my studies. Would definitely recommend this to others going through their VCE. Thanks Chris."
Liam Toohey, Year 11 Student, Melbourne

"It is fun and interesting and it will keep you hooked the whole time."
Subash, Year 8 Student, Balmain

"Without this workshop I would never be able to remember so much!"
Jessica Samuel, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"I found this session extremely useful. It came at a time when I needed motivation. Chris was very engaging and made the content very interesting! Very useful. Thank you!!"
Megan Neal, Year 12 Student, Lilydale High School Melbourne

"It was a great experience, especially for studying, reading and learning different techniques. Very useful for assignments."
Sarah Micallef, Year 10 Student, Saint Patricks College Sydney

"Very useful. Would recommend it to everyone. Doesn't matter how old you are. Highly enjoyable."
Nick Davis, Year 9 Student, Barker College Sydney

"On behalf of the Catholic Education Office, Sydney thank you for the outstanding memory presentation you delivered to some 350 of our staff. The feedback was extremely impressive. Even the sceptical came away surprised at how they will be able to put to practical use the simple techniques you demonstrated. I would happily recommend your techniques to other organisations."
Kathy Campbell, Catholic Education Office, Sydney

 Workshop Presenter

This study skills course is designed and delivered in person by Australian Memory Record Breaker Chris Lyons. Over the last 10 years Chris has delivered hundreds of public and private workshops and coaching programs for individuals, groups and schools showing high school students how to study more effectively and achieve better grades.

 What Other Students Say About This Study Skills Course

Presenter Chris Lyons has been running training courses and coaching programs for over 10 years without a single customer complaint or refund request. Not one. Just exceptional feedback and satisfaction with the training delivered. Here is a small selection of comments from other students who have already attended this study skills course.

"Very, very useful, especially the reading techniques. This has helped me immensely."
Jarred Deluca, Year 11 Student, Kellyville

"I wasn't really sure how to study properly but this workshop gave me knowledge on this and it will help me greatly in my senior years."
Eda Arslan, Year 10 Student, Rosebank College Sydney

"Great day that will helps my future studies. Genius techniques!!"
Caley Yarnold, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"An excellent and enjoyable session with great fun and humour. You will not regret or forget meeting this man!"
Brian Trang, Year 12 Student, Sydney

"It was very helpful especially for my ability to remember things and to read more effectively. Also very helpful for note-taking."
Tyler Gorman-Brown, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"Really simple and effective."
Shanaaz Adams, Year 10 Student, Campbelltown

"A very helpful and enjoyable course, I suggest this course to anyone trying to further their study skills."
Jireh Leslie, Year 10 Student, Horsham College

"Hi Chris, I thought you would like to hear that I have been memorising pi and reached 3000 decimal places! As I used 'the journey method' I can recite pi backwards as well. Yesterday I discovered that 3000 decimal places forwards and backwards is a WORLD RECORD! You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for everything,"
James Smith, Year 11 Student, Carey Baptist Grammar School Melbourne

"Really informative and helpful workshop. Will definitely use what I've learnt throughout life, even after high school. Thanks so much."
Alex Barker, Year 12 Student, Ravenswood

"Really comprehensive and thorough, though not boring at any point. Well worth it!"
Sammi Grayling, Year 11 Student, Melbourne

"I always have trouble studying for exams. This workshop has provided me with some really useful ways to memorise information. I highly recommend it for all students and I know that it will make a big difference when I next sit my exams. Thank you."
Laurie-Ann Wooley, Year 10 Student, Sydney

"A great day! Well worth it, thanks for it all. Highly useful and should be done by everyone."
Angus Davis, Year 11 Student, Barker College

"While doing my VCE this course is going to be incredibly helpful. I can plan better, complete tasks quicker and read much faster."
Joanna Taylor, Year 11 Student, Melbourne

To read more customer feedback on our unique blend of training Click Here.

 How Much?

  • 1 day small group study skills course = $495 including GST and refreshments, study skills manual plus access to the 7 Day Online Follow-up Program
  • Special = $295 including GST, a saving of $200. Applies to all workshops booked and paid for by 30 April 2018

Any Group Discounts?

  • 10% group discount: book two or more places at the same course at the same time and receive a further 10% discount off the total cost

 Where And When?

Information updated daily and correct as at . Our next high school study skills public courses are taking place in:

April School Holidays

- Fully Booked, Taken Place

Canberra -
- Fully Booked, Taken Place

Sydney - 0930 to 1600 on Tuesday 24 April 2018
at Studio You Event Space, 135 Rowntree Street, Birchgrove Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 Students, 2 Places Left

Sydney - 0930 to 1600 on Friday 27 April 2018
at Studio You Event Space, 135 Rowntree Street, Birchgrove Google Map
- Maximum 10 Students, Fully Booked

Dates Not Convenient?

The high school study skills course can also be done as a 1 to 1 private program at a time you choose throughout the year covering the same content and techniques. For details visit Individual Study Skills Program.

Winter School Holidays

Brisbane - 0930 to 1600 on Wednesday 11 July 2018
at Airport International Motel, 528 Kingsford-Smith Drive, Hamilton Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 Students, Places Available

Melbourne - 0930 to 1600 on Thursday 12 July 2018
at The Metropole Hotel, 44 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 Students, Places Available

Canberra - 0930 to 1600 on Tuesday 17 July 2018
at Halletts, Level 8, AMP Tower, 1 Hobart Place, Canberra Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 6 Students, Places Available

Sydney - 0930 to 1600 on Friday 20 July 2018
at Studio You Event Space, 135 Rowntree Street, Birchgrove Google Map
- Bookings Open, Maximum 10 Students, Places Available

 Frequently Asked Questions

Before you book a place at one of our study skills courses, here are the answers to some commonly-asked questions.

1. How Is The Study Skills Course Structured?

The study skills course comprises numerous short sessions of 30 to 50 minutes, each introducing one or several key study strategies or techniques, with frequent short breaks in between to help students remain attentive and focused. The strategies and techniques introduced in the sessions build one on another through the course of the day. Continual review and reinforcement in a fun, engaging, non-threatening way is used to check learning and ensure retention of the key ideas covered.

2. Are You Really Able To Keep Students Fully Engaged For A Whole Day? 

Absolutely. In fact, at the end of the day many students not only remark how valuable the course was but also how the day seemed to fly by. And it does, in part because of the way in which the course is structured but also because students are introduced to new and highly effective ways to learn in a fun, relaxed and humorous fashion. 

3. Is This Course Suitable For High School Students Of All Ages? 

In a word, yes. This study skills course is designed to help high school students study more effectively and improve their grades regardless of their age. It is especially beneficial for students in years 10 to 12 preparing for the VCE, HSC or QCST.  

That said, the earlier students are exposed to effective study techniques the sooner they can benefit from them. Which is why this program is designed to equip students with key, lifelong learning skills and is delivered in a fun and easy-to-follow way so that students from years 7, 8 and 9 can benefit from the program just as much as students in years 10 to 12.  

4. What Materials Do Students Receive At The Course? 

Students receive an A4 study skills binder which builds up through the course of the day with handouts inserted summarising the key ideas and techniques as they are discussed and activities undertaken. The binder is divided in to key sections reflecting the main techniques covered and serves as an important and easy to use review and reference document after the course.

5. What Is The Online Follow-up Program?

Some students find it helpful to have a structured, step-by-step way to review and apply what they learn after the course. The online follow-up program provides this. It consists of access to a special web page each day for seven days and gets students to actively review and use what they learned at the workshop at no extra charge, a valuable bonus.

6. I'm A Parent And Would Like To Sit In On The Course. Is This Possible?

Our preference is to limit attendance at the course to just students, as some students can feel a little uncomfortable with other parents sitting in the room and observing. That said, if you feel that it is important for your son or daughter that you are also there for the day then we do allow one or up to two parents maximum to sit in per course. So if you'd like to sit in then please contact us so we can see whether we can accommodate your request.

7. Do You Run This Study Skills Course For Schools?

Yes. Have this course delivered at your school at a time of your choice anywhere in Australia. For more information on running this course in your school including the cost please visit the In-School Study Skills Course web page.

8. My Son Or Daughter Would Benefit From Learning These Study Skills But Is Unable Or Would Prefer Not To Attend A Public Course. Any Other Options?

Yes. If the above dates aren't convenient or your son or daughter learns better one one one then a 1 to 1 private program may be a better option. We cover the exact same ideas and techniques as in this workshop and private programs can take place any time during the year. For more details please visit 1 To 1 Study Skills Program.

If your son or daughter has friends who would also benefit from this course then another option is to ask your school to run the in-school version of this workshop. For more details about this option visit In-School Study Skills Course.

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