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New DIY Workshops Anywhere In Aus/NZ
- You Pick The Time, You Pick The Place

So you're interested in learning how to remember people's names, deliver memorable presentations, double your reading speed and tackle information overload. Or you're a student looking for ways to study more effectively and boost your grades. But unfortunately there isn't a Gloo Public Workshop planned in your area. Or the dates just aren't convenient for you.

Or perhaps you know others who would also benefit from a little Gloo. And maybe you'd like to organise a special event for your friends or family, or if you're in business, for your customers.

Well, the good news is that now you can.

Introducing our new, flexible DIY Workshops.

Quick and easy to organise, DIY Workshops are the perfect solution for groups of 4 or more people. What's more, DIY workshops can also save you money.

Our full day Public Workshops for adults usually cost $595 per person and $395 for students. However with smaller DIY groups the cost for expensive hotels and catering can be avoided. This means that DIY Workshops can be very affordable, often saving you 50% or more compared to Public Workshops, depending upon your group size and location.

How It Works

Arranging your workshop is quick and easy. And best of all, there is no risk involved. Because in the unlikely event that less than 4 people register to attend, then you can cancel your workshop booking at no cost and with no obligation.

So simply book in a tentative date for your workshop, share the special web page we will create for you with your friends, family or colleagues and then sit back, relax and see how many of them register to attend. It's that easy!

Step 1 Get In Touch

Complete the simple form below to let us know which workshop you are interested in and your preferred date and location. We'll then contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail including the cost. If you are happy with what we discuss we will tentatively book in a date for your workshop with no obligation.

Step 2 Promote Your Workshop!

We will also create a dedicated, private web page with details of your workshop which you then share with your friends and family and which allows them to register for your workshop. We handle all the bookings and payments for you, so there is no work required, no hassle and no risk on your part. We will also track the bookings for you and let you know every time somebody registers.

Step 3 Your Workshop Is Confirmed

Once 4 people have booked to attend your workshop, your workshop is confirmed. In the unlikely event that less than 4 people register to attend by a cut-off date which we mutually agree, then you are able to cancel your workshop booking at no cost and with no obligation.

Step 4 Workshop Is Prepared And Then Delivered

Once your workshop is confirmed we will take you through a simple checklist for the day to ensure that your workshop runs smoothly and is a big success. We'll then turn up at your preferred venue and at your chosen time to run the workshop for you.

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Choose From The Following 4 Workshops

For Adults...

'The Hidden Advantage Workshop'
Memory Skills + Speed Reading Techniques
1 Day Workshop, 0900 to 1700

Our flagship training course. The Hidden Advantage Workshop shows you how to read faster, remember more and tackle information overload - all in just 1 day. Practical, time-saving techniques. Fun, fast-paced delivery. Plus a 21 Day Online Follow-up Program = exceptional attendee feedback. Discover why...

The Hidden Advantage Workshop

'Memory Skills For Business Professionals'
Half Day, 4 Hour Workshop

A good memory is critical to your business success. From remembering the names of the people you meet. To learning new information and skills quickly and easily. To studying for and passing professional exams. To giving great presentations confidently and without notes. Discover how to harness and apply your natural memory skills to everyday business situations and tasks to boost your productivity and achieve better results.

Memory Skills For Business Professionals Training Course

'Speed Reading For Business Professionals'
Half Day, 4 Hour Workshop

Blast through emails, books and reports, save valuable time, be more productive... the benefits of speed reading are obvious. In this fun and fast-paced workshop you will discover the brain-friendly techniques used by high-performing executives to boost their reading speed and get more done each day.

Speed Reading For Business Professionals Training Course

For Students...

Essential Study Skills For High School Students
Memory, Reading And Study Skills
1 Day Workshop, 0930 to 1630

Many high school students struggle to cope with the large amount of information they are required to study. Fortunately there are a number of fun, simple and powerful study techniques which can help students learn new information quickly and more easily. In this fun, fast-paced 1 Day Workshop students discover the 3 key study techniques every student should know - Memory, Effective Reading and Visual Thinking Skills. Learn more...

Essential Study Skills Course For High School Students

Looking For Something Slightly Different?

If you're looking for something different to the above 'off-the-shelf' Workshops - such as a custom designed workshop - simply Contact Us to see how we can help.

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Simply complete the brief form below and then hit 'Submit'. We'll then be in touch within 24 business hours - and often sooner - for a quick chat to find out a little more about you, your preferred training and what you are looking to achieve.

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