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Essential Study Skills For University Students
University Study Skills Course Booking Conditions

A small number of conditions apply when you book a place at the Essential Study Skills For University Students Course. These are detailed below.

1. Changes To Bookings

If you are unable to attend the course on which you are booked and you let us know at least 1 day prior to your booked course date, you are able to transfer your booking to a future date at no charge. If you are unable to attend the course on which you are booked and you do not let us know prior to your booked course date, we are unable to transfer your booking to a future date. If you are unable to attend the course on which you are booked, you may also allow someone else attend in your place, provided that you let us know their name and contact details by the day prior to your booked course date. For all change requests please email us by Clicking Here.

2. Cancellations And Refunds

2.1 Full Price Bookings

If you wish to cancel a Full Price Course Booking and you do so at least 2 calendar months before the workshop, you will receive a full 100% refund. Refunds are unavailable for cancellation requests received within 2 calendar months of the course date as we have to commit to venue, travel, promotional and other associated course costs in advance and this is done based on the number of booked people at this point. Please note, refunds apply only to original bookings and are not available if you have already transferred your booking from a prior course. For all refund requests please email us by Clicking Here.

2.2 Special/Discounted Rate Bookings

Discounted Rate bookings such as Specials and other Promotional Rate Bookings are non-refundable. However you may transfer your Special or Discounted Rate Booking to a future course date, or transfer your booked place to someone else, as described in the 'Changes' section above.

3. Online Course Bookings

We run this Essential Study Skills Course face-to-face and remotely online over the internet. When running the course online we use Zoom, a web-based platform which runs in any web browser and on any device, which means you simply need a computer or tablet with a webcam and microphone and a broadband internet connection in order to take part. It is also possible to attend using a smart phone.

When booking a place at an online course, please ensure that you are able to meet the Minimum Requirements needed to participate online. Once your Online Study Skills Course Booking is confirmed, we will email you some simple instructions on how to access your online session prior to your chosen course date. It is your responsibility to read through these in advance and to follow the instructions so that you are ready and able to join your online course by the advertised start time and without any technical issues.

We have been running online courses for many years without any major issues, however as with anything done online, internet service outages are possible occasionally. For this reason, in addition to using the Zoom platform and an NBN super-fast internet connection, we also have set up a back-up alternative internet service with a different provider. So that if an outage does occur we are quickly and easily able to switch to the back-up service and your online session can continue with minimum disruption. In the unlikely event that an online course is unable to be completed due to technical issues beyond our control, we will reschedule the affected course to a new date at no additional cost to you. Should the new date not be convenient, you also have the option to join us at any future course date.

We reserve the right to cancel a course should the number of booked participants be below the minimum number needed to run an effective workshop. We also reserve the right to change the location of a face-to-face course to a different venue within the same city or to deliver the course remotely online if logistical, operational or other circumstances beyond our control prevent us from delivering the course at the intended venue.

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