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Read Faster, Remember More. Simple Techniques To Double Your Reading Speed.

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Improve Your Memory. Powerful Techniques For Absorbing And Recalling Information.

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Study Smarter, Achieve More. Essential Study Techniques Every Student Should Know.

Welcome To Gloo Memory, Speed Reading And Study Skills Courses

Our aim is simple, to help YOU be more successful. We achieve this through a unique range of fun, fast and effective Small Group Workshops, Private 1 To 1 Programs and In-House Training Courses for teams. All Gloo Courses are delivered in person by Chris Lyons who doubled the Australian Memory Record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places. Chris has demonstrated how effective Memory, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques can be on TV and radio stations all around Australia.

So if you're serious about achieving more, faster and having fun in the process, you've come to the right place. Read on for details of our Memory and Speed Reading Courses for adults and Study Skills Courses for students. Or Contact Us and we'll happily recommend which course is right for you.

2021 Small Group And 1 To 1 Courses

Live Memory, Speed Reading And Study Skills Courses
With Australian Record Breaker Chris Lyons

The Hidden Advantage Workshop
Memory/Speed Reading Course

Read faster, remember more and tackle information overload. Our popular 1 day Memory Improvement and Speed Reading course. Limited to just 10 people.

BRISBANE - Thursday 29 April 2021
SYDNEY - Tuesday 11 May 2021
ZOOM - Tuesday 25 May 2021
BRISBANE - Wednesday 16 June 2021
MELBOURNE - Thursday 17 June 2021

*Book by 15 April 2021 and save $100*

Memory/Speed Reading Course Details

High School Study Skills Workshop
Essential Study Skills Course

Study smarter, pass exams, achieve better results. Learn highly effective study techniques most ordinary students are never ever shown. Limited to just 12 students.

MELBOURNE - Thursday 8 April 2021 Taken Place
BRISBANE - Wednesday 14 April 2021 1 Place Left
SYDNEY - Friday 16 April 2021 Fully Booked
SYDNEY - Saturday 17 April 2021 2 Places Left
ZOOM - Saturday 22 May 2021

*Book by 15 April 2021 and save $100*

High School Study Skills Course Details

Speed Reading Made Easy Workshop
Speed Reading Course

Double your reading speed. Learn how to boost your reading speed and comprehension, quickly. Fun, fast-paced half day workshop. Limited to just 5 people.

ZOOM - Friday 23 April 2021
ZOOM - Saturday 5 June 2021

*Book by 15 April 2021 and save $100*

Speed Reading Course Details

Can't Do The Above Dates?
Then consider a 1 To 1 Private Program available all year round at a time of your choosing in Sydney or from the safety and convenience of your home via Zoom.

University Study Skills Workshop
Essential Study Skills Course

Learn new information quickly and more easily by combining highly effective Memory, Reading and Note-taking techniques. Limited to just 5 people.

ZOOM - Tuesday 8 June 2021
ZOOM - Tuesday 3 August 2021

*Book by 15 April 2021 and save $100*

University Study Skills Course Details

Prefer To Learn 1 To 1?
All of the above courses can also be done as 1 To 1 Private Programs in Sydney or online at any time through the year. For details visit 1 To 1 Private Programs.

Current Specials

We've got some fantastic savings available right now on the following Gloo Training Programs:

Memory Skills/Speed Reading

Small Group Public Courses save $100
1 To 1 Private Programs save $200
Courses For Teams save $1,000

University And High School Study Skills

Small Group Public Courses save $100
1 To 1 High School Programs save $200
1 To 1 University Programs save $200
In-School Courses save $1,000

Specials apply to bookings made by 15 April 2021 for courses and programs delivered between now and 30 September 2021.

New To Gloo?

Gloo Memory Improvement, Speed Reading and Study Skills Courses are designed and delivered personally by Chris Lyons who in 2006 doubled the Australian Memory Record by reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. In 2008 Chris won the Australian Memory Championships Names competition by correctly memorising 46 people's names in just 5 minutes.

An experienced trainer and facilitator, Chris also has over 10 years' commercial experience gained in senior management roles in large UK and Australian companies, before starting to design and deliver Gloo Training Programs in 2003. Chris has appeared on The Today Show, A Current Affair, Today Tonight, ABC TV and shown how effective Memory, Speed Reading and Study Skills techniques can be on radio stations all around Australia including 2UE, 2GB, 3AW and frequently on the ABC.


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Double Your Reading Speed, Quickly!

With 2021 flying by, now’s the perfect time to learn some valuable new skills and techniques. Join us at our popular Memory Skills/Speed Reading Training Course, The Hidden Advantage Workshop, and learn how to read faster and remember more, so you can get more done each day and finally tackle that pile of books you’ve always been meaning to read! Plus discover simple and effective techniques for remembering names and presenting confidently without notes.

Attend in person or take part in one of our live online courses via Zoom. Each workshop is limited to just 10 people or less, so book early to avoid missing out. Plus save $100 with our current Special.

Speed Reading Courses

Study Smarter!
High School Study Skills Courses

Learning how to learn is perhaps the single most important skill you will ever learn. Yet sadly many students go through their entire academic career never really knowing how to study efficiently or effectively.

The good news is that there are a small number of simple, easy to learn techniques which any student can use to study much more effectively, improve their grades and achieve better results. Our fun, fast-paced, Essential Study Skills For High School Students, shares these techniques and gives students the confidence and capability to fulfil their true potential.

Our recent courses were all fully booked, so don't miss out on our High School Study Skills Courses taking place during the current school holidays. Each Study Skills Course is limited to just 12 students or less with just a few spots remaining.

Study Skills Courses

Small Group Courses - Staying Covid-Safe

All our in person courses are being run in a covid-safe manner with each course limited to just 12 people or less. Prior to your booked course, we will email you some simple steps and advice to follow on the day including social distancing and good personal hygiene practices so that we all keep covid-safe. To learn more about these in the meantime Click Here.

1 To 1 Private Programs
Sydney And Online

Did you know that we offer many of our popular group courses as Private 1 To 1 Programs? We’ve been running Private Programs for adults and students for many years and they are a great option for those who learn best one on one or prefer the privacy, convenience and extra personal attention of a Private Program.

Our Private 1 To 1 Programs are available all year round and can be done in person in Sydney or online via Zoom from the comfort and convenience of your home and at a time of your choosing. Learn more about our range of 1 To 1 Programs. Or take a look at these popular choices:

1 To 1 Study Skills Program

1 To 1 Speed Reading Program

If you need a little help in deciding which program is right for you, then call us on 02 9089 8892. Or if you prefer Contact Us via email. We're happy to help.

Memorable Training, Fantastic Feedback

Improve your memory and double your reading speed, quickly! Chris Lyons has been delivering Gloo Training Courses and 1 To 1 Programs for over 15 years without a single customer complaint or refund request. Not one. Just fantastic feedback on our unique style of Memory Improvement, Speed Reading and Study Skills training - fun, fast and effective! This is just a small selection of comments from people who have already benefited from Gloo In-House Workshops, Public Courses and 1 To 1 Programs.

"The memory sessions were brilliant and I have since used one of the techniques to present a one hour training session without notes, a feat I would never have thought possible before this workshop."
Glen Frost, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Doubled my reading speed in a very short time. Simple processes, easy to remember."
Mark Elworthy, Director, Merrill Lynch

"Presented in a very simple but incredibly effective way. Brilliant presenter. 10/10 for the content and the way it was delivered."
Ray Itaoui, CEO, Virgin

"This information is mind-blowing! It is set to put me ahead of the bunch in business, sales, presentations and of course communications. Chris was brilliant."
Kris Cochrane, Business Owner, Rapid Personal Training

"It's hard to believe that one single workshop could enhance my memory and study skills by so much."
Darryn, Commerce Student, ANU Canberra

"The speed reading course was fantastic, it will save me time in all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend this to anyone who reads."
Lucy McInnes, Boral

"Excellent simple techniques. Amazing improvement in 1 day. Incredible."
Justin Ezard, Manager, PKF Chartered Accounting Melbourne

"Education at its best. One of the best and most useful presentations I've attended. An absolute must for anyone who thinks."
Ange Marinakis, Doctor, Melbourne

"My reading speed more than doubled after just one session. I always had a strong memory but Chris's techniques have improved it even further. Well worth it."
John Havas, Manager Risk and Compliance, Commonwealth Bank

"Chris is an interesting and energetic presenter. The tips and techniques will touch every aspect of my job and I don't know how I survived without them!"
Matthew Palmer, Lawyer, Macquarie Group Sydney

"Extremely useful, particularly for remembering names."
Allegra Spender, CEO, Carla Zampatti

"Chris is an excellent presenter who is able to deliver lots of information in an easy to understand, fun and interesting way. I have heaps of great techniques that I am really looking forward to using. I am in the professional training industry and Chris is right up there with the best!"
Julie Blackburn, General Manager, Beyond Success Canberra

"Very useful practical techniques for an essential life skill for any successful executive."
Mitchell Taylor, Managing Director, Taylors Wines

"A must for business people."
Bronwyn Matthews, General Manager, Mercury Telephones, Canberra

"I found the workshop extremely beneficial, in that little amount of time my memory doubled in power. The techniques were fantastic and I will definitely use them in the future."
Jack White, Year 10 Student, Melbourne

"These tools should be the foundation of our education. A fun filled day which will genuinely save time and assist me in finding that elusive work-life balance."
Kate Melrose, Global Manager Strategic Marketing, Lend Lease

"Very effective. Very valuable."
Simon J Costa, CEO, Costa Group

"The best course I've ever done. I would recommend this course to all sales people."
Aaron Lukeman, Mercury Telephones, Canberra

"Excellent course! Well presented, captured my attention 100%. Learnt what I came for. Facilitator - presentation, interaction, could not be faulted."
Jennifer Taalman, Project Officer, Department of Planning and Community Development, Victoria

"Presented with style and pizazz!"
Jeff Allis, Director, Boost Juice Bars

"The most enjoyable, most practical course I've ever done, can be applied to anything."
Mario Kos, Royal District Nursing Service

"Fantastic techniques - memory and speed reading. Best training I have done in a long time! Kept my attention all day and that is saying something!"
Lesley Hodge, Ardoch Youth Foundation

"The presentation was one of the best I've been to and I have been to a few! Very enjoyable, using fun to educate. Inclusive, brilliant presenter."
Pauline Lonel, Royal District Nursing Service

"A wonderful program. I flew down for each session and it was worth every cent. Chris has a very practical approach to turning theory into sensible ways to use this knowledge in the business world."
Jeff Scicluna, IT Consultant, Macquarie Bank

"I was wrapped with the results! I saw an exponential increase in my reading speed. I definitely recommend this course."
Tamara Dimattina, Marketing Account Manager

"A really great way to develop and improve your memory skills."
Dr Michael Best, GP, Melbourne

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If you are interested in how you can improve your memory, double your reading speed or study more effectively then contact us for a quick chat. Call us on 02 9089 8892 or Contact Us via email.

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