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Time Is Money
Tips For Reading Faster And Tackling Email Overload By Chris Lyons

It's a new day. You turn on your computer.

You have 33 NEW email messages.

And that's on top of the 46 messages from yesterday you didn't really have time to read because you were in meetings all afternoon.

Welcome to email overload!

For many of us, reading and replying to email is an increasingly time-consuming part of daily life. For some people, Email Overload is a major cause of stress - too much stuff to deal with, not enough time.

And many companies are now waking up to the huge hidden cost of failing to tackle the problem. So other than attacking your computer with a sledgehammer, what else can you do about it? Here are 2 small, practical suggestions...

Firstly, get this book -

'Conquer Your Email Overload - Superb Tips And Tricks For Busy People
by Debbie Mayo-Smith

The book is packed full of clever time-saving tips and techniques to help you tackle your email overload. For more details check out

Conquer Email Overload

Secondly, read faster!

Or should I say... learn how to read more effectively. Learn how to apply speed reading techniques to the mountains of information you have to plough through each week.

How fast do you currently read? Most people don't know.

That's because we were taught to read as children - taught the fundamentals of how to read words and sentences - but most of us were never then shown how to progress beyond this basic level of reading.

Studies suggest that the average person reads at between 200 and 300 words per minute (WPM). But by using the correct techniques and with some practice, it is possible to read at speeds of up to 1000 WPM.

That's 3 to 4 times the speed at which the average person reads!

Now you don't have to be Einstein to work out how much time that could save you each day just reading your emails... let alone all the other reading-based tasks most of us face.

And if time is money that's a huge boost to you - and your team's - productivity. The benefits of learning how to read faster are obvious.

Ready to get started?

Here are 3 simple tips to get you reading faster…

1. Reduce Back-skipping

Back-skipping is simply when your eye moves backwards and re-reads words. It is a major - and often unconscious - cause of slow reading.

To reduce back-skipping, use a Visual Guide such as your finger, pen or mouse and run it under the text as you read it.

2. Linger Less

Your incredible eyes can take in written information in 1/100th of a second or less, a fact exploited in the past by subliminal advertisers.

Use your Visual Guide to linger less and move faster.

Let your eyes follow your guide. Use your Visual Guide to establish a smooth rhythm. Progressively increase the speed at which you guide your eyes over text. Start slowly. When comfortable, go faster!

3. Practise 1 & 2!

Overcoming old habits and learning new skills takes a little time and practice. Simply learning and using the above 2 techniques can lead to a significant increase in your reading speed.


If you're serious about tackling email overload, then give these simple tips a try Practise them for a few minutes each day over the coming week and see how far - and how fast - you progress.

The Final Word: Time is money. Spend it wisely. Conquer your email overload!

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