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The Rules Of Work
The Real Secret To Getting Ahead At Work By Chris Lyons

I remember it well.

September 2004, Changi Airport, Singapore.

A couple of hours to kill before catching a connecting flight back home to Melbourne. Time to peruse the bookstores.

Amongst the various get rich quick guides and bestsellers one book caught my eye.

Emblazoned on a somber black cover in gold leaf type were the words 'The Rules Of Work'.
Hmm... The Rules Of Work.

Now I wasn't aware there were any, other than the obvious... turn up on time (physically if not mentally)... don't make the boss look bad (leave that to them)... and don't make the same mistakes twice (avoid doing this year what you did last year at the Xmas party).

Intrigued, I picked it up and flicked to the back cover…

'You're good at your job. That's a given.
But being good at what you do is not enough if
you want to be really successful.'

The unspoken truth about getting ahead in business, the blurb continued.

Interesting stuff. I bought the book and by the time we touched down in Oz I had discovered what the author, Richard Templar, calls the 100 golden Rules Of Work which include…

  • Rule 10: Never let anyone know how hard you work

  • Rule 94: Know the psychology of promotion

  • Rule 60: Understand the herd mentality

  • Rule 01: Get your work noticed

  • Rule 06: Know something others don't

The central theme to the book is simple... it isn't just WHAT you do that counts, it's HOW you do it and - most importantly - how others THINK you do it.

Or in other words, people don't really know what you do. It's what they think you do that matters. It's all about perceptions. It's all about your reputation.

So what does this have to do with memory techniques and speed reading, and using more of your hidden talents?

*** A LOT ***

You see memory skills and speed reading are 2 business tools that are sadly neglected and underused by most ordinary people.

Not only do they help you achieve more, faster (the WHAT), but they involve doing things differently (the HOW).

And by using more effective, time-saving methods at work (Rule 06), you will stand out from the crowd (Rule 01).

And what's more, if you have a good memory people will naturally assume you are highly intelligent (which of course you are).

People will also assume that you are competent at what you do (not a bad thing).

In theses short articles we've shared with you a number of techniques which you can deliberately and purposefully use to help others see what a unique, talented and $ underpaid $ individual you are.

So if you haven't already started using them to fashion your reputation as someone who is one step ahead of the crowd, now's the time to take action!

The Final Word: Being good at your job is no longer enough. Now's the time to start putting the unwritten 'Rules Of Work' to work - for YOU.

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