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Remember More Using The Power Of Your Imagination

I Am Spartacus!
By Founder Of Gloo, Chris Lyons

Today I am feeling rather tired - again.

You see, at 3.42am this morning my peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted by the thundering sound of a man screaming

"I am Spartacus!"

In my half awake state, my first thought was that I had imagined it.

But no, this was most definitely real.

Definitely real because at 2.26am the previous morning I was roused from a deep, deep sleep by the sound of someone yelling

"Show me the money! Show me the money!!"

And the night before by a booming

"You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"

Now normally I would be more than a little concerned by loud noises in the middle of the night. But at this point I should mention that we have a visitor staying with us.

An Englishman.

And like most Englishmen he is blessed with some peculiar habits.

He also has a very vivid imagination. So vivid, that he often wakes up often believing that he is a character in a Hollywood blockbuster.

I kid you not.

While this can be slightly annoying at 3am, it does demonstrate the incredible power of our imagination. The power we all possess to create images, stories and scenarios in our heads - real or otherwise.

In fact it was Einstein who once famously declared

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

And when it comes to improving your memory, imagination is a powerful tool you can use to make things stick.

Here's how.

Simply create vivid mental images which remind you of the things you want to recall.

You can then link these images to the places you will be when you need to remember them.

For example…

If you need to remember to contact a particular customer when you get to work, just imagine that customer jumping up and down angrily on your desk because you haven't called them yet.

Or if you need to remember to go to the post office on your way home, imagine opening your car door and piles of letters and parcels falling onto your feet.

Or if you need to remember to call your friend in London as soon as you get home, simply imagine pulling into your drive and discovering a life-size replica of Big Ben in your front garden talking on a telephone.

So use your imagination to create a vivid mental image - any image that works well for you - then link the image to where you will be when you need to remember it.

The more you do this, the less you'll forget to do and the more peacefully you'll be able to sleep at night. Unless of course you have a peculiar visitor from England.

The Final Word: There is no limit to your imagination. Have fun and use it to make things stick.

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