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How To Remember People's Names

Are You One Of The 75%?
By Founder Of Gloo, Chris Lyons

3 in 4 people suffer.

For some, it's just an occasional embarrassing problem.

For others, it's much more serious, a lifelong affliction. Sabotaging their social confidence. Affecting their relationships. Even holding them back at work. So what about you?

Are you one of the 75% of people who has trouble remembering people's names?

Probably not.

Because you've already read - and hopefully started to apply - some of our simple memory tips and techniques for remembering the names the people you meet. And you know that there are many simple techniques you can use to make names stick. Because the trick to remembering names is no different to remembering anything else - it's all in your head.

It's all about paying attention and creating pictures - images for names - and linking the image you create to your new-found friend. So now to the million dollar question we're constantly asked.

"How does this work when you're introduced to a whole group of new faces one after another?"

The key... isn't to remember names!

Sounds strange, but it's true.

One of the greatest fears people have is being introduced to a large group of people and having to remember their names.

And rightly so.

Because this is one of the hardest day-to-day memory challenges you'll ever face. Unless you're prepared.

Here's a secret... people aren't unique.

They have the same names. The same names come up again and again and again. The old 80:20 rule.

So by regularly creating mental images for first names - perhaps just 5 names a day - you'll soon build up a large and powerful 'Visual Vocabulary' of images for names.

This is the real key to remembering names. Building up a range of images for names

Which means that when you meet new people, you'll often already have an image for their first name. You can then simply link the image to the person. And with a little bit of practice you'll be surprised how quickly you can do it. Give it a go - find out for yourself.

Much easier than desperately trying - and failing - to remember a whole heap of names on the spot! And if you really want to make names stick, here are a few extra tips to help you put this into practice, and create a little bit more time when meeting people to apply your memory techniques.

5 Step Process When Meeting People

1. Consciously decide that you will remember names... challenge yourself, treat it as a game.

2. Pay attention and focus. Observe their whole body. Focus on their facial features. And most importantly... LISTEN for their name!

3. 'Sorry I didn't catch that'. Create some thinking time to focus on their name by asking them to repeat it. While they are doing this, mentally link your image for their first name to the person.

4. 'Do you have a business card?' If it's appropriate, ask for a business card. This gives you a physical reminder that you can review later. It also creates a little more time for you to quickly review the mental image you've created for the person.

5. Use their name at least once while talking to them. This reinforces your link between the name and person. Also mentally review your image while talking to them. And to really lock in their name, review your image later the same day.

The Final Word: Simple stuff but it works. Try it out next time you meet Whatshisname or Whatsherface.

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