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Top Tips & Techniques

Over the past 10 years Chris Lyons has shown thousands of people just like you how to read faster, remember more and tackle information overload through Public Workshops, Personal Coaching Programs and Corporate Training Sessions.

Chris has also written numerous short articles sharing his top tips and techniques. So here are some ideas and suggestions you can use to help others see what a unique, talented and $underpaid$ individual you really are!

Each article takes just 5 minutes to read and contains one simple and nutritious idea for your brain to feast. So read on - we know you'll find them useful.

A Fate Worse Than Death
Memory Techniques For Better Public Speaking

Are You One Of The 75%?
How To Remember People's Names

A Rude Awakening
How To Run More Effective Meetings

Bad Memory For Names? Get A Dog
Can't Remember People's Names?

Cracking Kylie’s Code
Memory Systems For Remembering Numbers

Does Size Really Matter?
Expand Your Vocabulary Using Memory Techniques

Elvis Ate My Password
How To Remember Passwords

Gorilla Marketing
The Power Of Visual Memory Techniques

Home Sweet Home
How To Store Mental Information Using Your Home

How Much Pi?
You Can Remember Much More Than You Think

How Old Is Your Brain?
How To Increase Your Brain Power

How To Be A Complete And Utter Failure
Surefire Steps To Avoid Certain Success

How To Steal A Pen From A French Horse
Memory Techniques For Learning Foreign Languages

I Am Spartacus!
Remember More Using The Power Of Your Imagination

I Have A Confession To Make
Do You Really Have A Bad Memory? Take The Test And Find Out

Memory Secrets And Blue String Pudding
The Real Secret To Improving Your Memory

Teach Your Dog To Read
Save Time, Delegate Your Daily Reading To Your Pooch

The Rules Of Work
The Real Secret To Getting Ahead At Work And In Business

Time Is Money
Tips For Tackling Email Overload

What Are You Looking At?
More Tips For Remembering Names

Who Moved My Cheese?
How To Remember More Of Your Brilliant Ideas And Thoughts

You Ain't Getting Any Younger
Improve Your Memory, Even As You Get Older

Your Attention Please!
Doing Too Many Things At Once Perhaps?

Of course many people learn best face-to-face where they can ask questions, get immediate feedback and learn additional valuable techniques first hand. So if you are able, then consider some Gloo live training...

Not sure where to start? Need a little help? Not a problem. Simply Contact Us for a quick chat about your situation and needs and to see how we may be able to help you.

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